The Business Revolution: A podcast for a new era of corporate transformation

In an era where sustainability and ethical business practices are increasingly important, a new voice emerges to inspire genuine transformation within the corporate world.

“The Business Revolution” is a new podcast dedicated to exploring the shifts towards a circular, decarbonised economy, with a more transparent, honest, and caring corporate culture in Australia.

In today’s podcast premiere, “The Business Revolution” brings together some of Australia’s foremost doers and thinkers in the field. And “The Business Revolution” intends to become more than just a podcast; it is also going to become a network of business people, who meet up regularly in three cities: Melbourne, Brisbane and Geelong.

The aim is to create a vibrant community of change-makers, first-movers, and innovators in the corporate sector – from experts, managers and decision-makers to sustainability officers, carbon accountants, and visionary employees.

Authenticity and a fresh perspective

Hosted by Cherry Ward, Alan Taylor, and Mik Aidt – three seasoned consultants with rich backgrounds in sustainability, culture and transformation – what sets “The Business Revolution” podcast apart is its commitment to authenticity. The three hosts engage with guests in candid discussions about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

“It’s not just about what is not working. It’s also about what the solutions can be. About how we can actually move forward,” explained Melbourne-based co-host Alan Taylor.

“Businesses need to reinvent the way they operate. By asking tough questions and seeking real answers, we can help cultivate a new movement that prioritises circularity, decarbonisation and an ethical corporate ethos,” said Brisbane-based co-host Cherry Ward.

Whether you’re a green business enthusiast or simply curious about the evolving business landscape, “The Business Revolution” promises valuable insights and a fresh perspective on how businesses can play a much more significant role in solving the climate crisis.

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