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#WayToGoThe Australian Climate Dividend Plan involves a tax of A$50 per metric ton of CO2 emissions on electricity, direct combustion, transport, fugitive emissions, and industrial processes. The revenue generated would then be returned, evenly, to every voting-age Australian citizen. This would represent a tax-free payment of approximately $1,300 per person per annum.

Prices on petrol, oil and gas would go up, but the average Australian household is estimated to be $585 per annum better off even so.

The lowest income-quintile households would be $1,305 per annum better off.

Read the report and see if you agree that this sounds like such a no-brainer. With the purpose of making ideas like this one into law, now is the time to get into politics

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The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 took place all this week virtually. All sessions from 5-days are now available to watch on-demand.

There's over 15 hours of content on a variety of climate topics, featuring calls to action from Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, Former-Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, Solar Impulse's Bertrand Piccard, IEA's Fatih Birol, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Lövin, and many more!

Simply register below and you will be able to gain full access to all the sessions to watch in your own time.

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Key Highlights:

Day 1
8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon kicked off the Forum with a stark Call to Action, saying that the climate emergency remains one of the greatest existential threats facing humanity and that we must not pause our action.

Day 2
The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Former President of Australia, urged governments to outline their own pathways to reach net-zero emissions, and to honour the commitments they signed up to in the Paris Agreement.

Day 3
David Kabua, President of the Marshall Islands, called on governments around the world to submit their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) ahead of the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

The Youth Agenda: #timeyouact
We were joined by energised by global youth activists demanding system change from governments and businesses, they had one key message: we must act now. The lack of climate change in education systems was discussed by our panellists from Greenpeace, Unilever, and Lego who agreed policy leaders must take responsibility and make this system change.

Day 4
Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO, spoke on the importance of governments and businesses working together collaboratively. He said we need systemic and sustained efforts, combined with conservation to explore all possible pathways for the decarbonisation of industry.

Day 5
We were delighted to be joined by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales who shared the final call to action of the week, stressing the next twelve months are absolutely critical in raising ambition for COP26, and building our roadmaps for the decade ahead. HRH also spoke about his new Sustainable Markets Initiative which sets out why the time to act is now.
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