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4 days ago

Frack Free Geelong

A great resource from Doctors for the Environment Australia who have prepared a comprehensive paper reviewing the evidence of health impacts of fracking:
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2 weeks ago

Frack Free Geelong

The facts about the flawed economics of gas fracking are being shut down. Today the WA Government refused to hear the economic truth about gas fracking in Western Australia.

The Australia Institute wrote:
“Our research director Rod Campbell and researcher Mark Ogge went to Perth to give a briefing to WA state parliamentarians on the facts about the economics of gas fracking.

But at the last minute, the government stopped their own MPs from attending the briefing.

Here are three things our politicians didn't want to hear:

The gas industry employs fewer people per dollar of output than any other industry. If employment growth is the policy goal, then investment in virtually any other industry would deliver better results. Our analysis shows that in the most optimistic case, fracking in WA would add 0.05% to total WA jobs (one-twentieth of one per cent!)

Fracking is likely to generate little revenue for the state. Even a relatively large shale gas industry would be likely to generate revenue worth just 0.6 per cent of WA's state government revenue -- roughly the value of traffic fines to the WA budget.

Allowing the WA fracking 'carbon bomb' could be equivalent to 120 new coal plants operating for 25 years. Australian Institute research has shown how devastating the climate change consequences of a massive expansion of fracking in both Western Australia and the Northern Territory. WA is already heading for up to 6.5° warming within our children's lifetimes according to the Government. Why is fracking in WA even being considered?

Our research shows these fracking projects do not stack up for Western Australia economically or environmentally. Yet the WA Government has lifted the moratorium on fracking, which will replace cheaper conventional gas with more expensive, harder-to-extract fracked gas.

The fact politicians don't want to hear this research means we need to re-double our efforts to make sure WA's elected representatives listen.

Our research shows about half of the increase in Australia’s annual carbon dioxide emissions can be linked to a single issue: the failure to bury greenhouse gases underground at Chevron's Gorgon, the country’s largest liquefied natural gas development in the Pilbara. Opening up fracking in WA is only going to amplify Australia's greenhouse gas emissions problem and it is essential the Australia Institute's research continues to expose the environmental damage and weak business case for fracking gas.

Our researchers travelled to Perth so that politicians could be briefed on the economic facts of gas fracking but the government tried to shut them down. However, with your help, we can make sure the public and policymakers get the true story.

Thank you for supporting research that matters.
~ The Australia Institute Team”

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1 month ago

Frack Free Geelong

Support the kids:» Download this A4 poster and print it:

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1 month ago

Frack Free Geelong

Download The Sustainable Music Hour:

Poll: Which are YOUR favourite songs?

If you have other candidates, write a note in a comment field below.

The Sustainable Hour no 241:
On the lookout for the sustainable anthem of 2018

“The time has come!” The sustainable revolution is happening, and the youth are coming out – making sit-ins and going on school strike for the climate. So we’re saying: Just like the youth revolution back in the 1960s had its anthems, where is the ‘sustainable anthem’ or ‘climate action song’ for the youth revolution of 2018?

We have selected 11 candidates – but to find the right one, we need to hear YOUR opinion: Which one is your favourite?

Catch the music in the Sustainable Hour podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, listen on 94.7 The Pulse, streaming and on FM on Thursday this week – or simply download the hour to your harddisk or phone by clicking here:

» To let us know which song is your favourite, go to our preference poll:

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• Midnight Oil: ‘Beds are Burning’

• Missy Higgins: ‘The Difference’

• Fredrika Stahl: ‘Tomorrow’

• Baba Brinkman: ‘Makin Waves’ (featuring Gaia's Eye)

• 1 Million Women: ‘You’re the Voice – An Anthem From Women For Climate Action & Hope’

• Paul McCartney: ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’

• Katie Costello: ‘New World’

• SolarEdge Technologies Inc. 2013 Happy Holidays clip: ‘Clear & Right’ (‘Scream & Shout’)

• Solar Edge 2012 Happy Holidays clip: ‘Solar Gangnam Style’

• @Taboo: ‘Stand Up / Stand N Rock’ #NoDAPL

• Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia is I: ‘Earth Emergency | Climate Change Music Video’ (‘Change the World’)

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#ArtsAndClimateChange #MusicAndClimate
#ArtsForASafeClimate #artclimatechange
#Climarte #Art #arts #Artist #Artists #ClimateMusic

Climarte - Arts for a Safe Climate
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1 month ago

Frack Free Geelong

#VoteClimate #ClimateElection #ClimateDamage #TheTimeHasCome

Australian Conservation Foundation
It's up to us to make the next Federal Election THE CLIMATE ELECTION.

Sign the petition and we will show the parties just how many climate voters there are across Australia.
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