Centre for Climate Safety at your service! We offer assistance and our expertise to individuals and organisations who work with communicating about sustainable living and climate solutions and could use a helping hand.

We produce, design, publish, distribute, broadcast and consult – for instance:

• Website construction, renovation, staff training
• Social media set-up, graphics, and training
• Design and print of posters, postcards, pamphlet and booklets
• Media releases
• PR for events
• Audio, podcast and video
• Write and design annual reports and reports on specific topics
• Photography, filming, editing on assignment
• Consulting in communication about sustainability and/or climate change
• Network building
• Prepare and conduct powerpoint presentations

We work for a number of organisations on a part time basis – sustaining, maintaining and enhancing their communication skills and abilities. Maybe we could do something for you too?

» Contact us for an initial chat about how we can help you.


To see examples of our graphic work and design, take a look around on websites such as, and this website,, as well as Facebook-memes, booklets, and annual reports.

Note: In the first years of Centre for Climate Safety, we did this sort of work as volunteers and at the expense of earning a living for ourselves and our families. In order for the centre to be viable and sustainable in the long run, we don’t offer free services any longer. Depending on the assignment, length and type of arrangement, and your – or your organisation’s – budget, we calculate charges on hour basis, charging between $40 and $60 per hour per person.