Raise the flag for Earth Day

This year on Earth Day, 22 April 2024, we are many who will be waving a flag for the Earth. Would you like to wave one as well?

The Blue Dot Flag is a unifying symbol free to use for everyone who aims to protect the Earth. You can hear more about it in this podcast interview:

→ If you live in Australia and would like to purchase a blue dot flag, we still have a few available. They cost $56 plus postage. If you live in Geelong area, save the postage by picking it up in East Geelong. To order or enquire, send an email to info@climatesafety.info

→ If you live elsewhere on the planet, you can order the flag from www.bluedotflag.org/support

Every flag helps raise more awareness about how important it is to look after our beautiful blue dot.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is steadily approaching — just under 50 more days until it’s here! Earth Day is an annual event, always held on the 22nd of April.

The theme this year is Planet vs. Plastics, focusing on demanding a reduction in plastic use and pollution to create a healthier world for humans and the environment alike. 

For 54 years, Earth Day has been a special event that millions around the world have contributed to in countless ways. From clean-ups to protests to teach-ins, this day has been an opportunity to celebrate our planet and advocate for a greener future. 

No matter how you honor the planet, Earth Day can inspire you to take action and join the environmental movement. 

→ Read more on www.earthday.org