Songs for the climate revolution of 2024

The Sustainable Music Hour 2023 | Podcast notes

Presented by Anthony Gleeson, Colin Mockett and Mik Aidt

For a productive and mindful 2024 as we keep pushing – and sometimes singing and dancing – for the unstoppable transformation towards a zero-carbon lifestyle and a safe climate.  

In this hour, we present a selection of the many climate songs we have aired in The Sustainable Hour during 2023, and we select our annual Anthem for the Climate Revolution: Louise Harris’ song ‘We Tried’.

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Why singing and dancing is important and can play a very special role was explained well by an Aboriginal elder, who spoke at the Wullumbin Festival in 2004:

“Normally, we follow roads that are already there. But that’s the wrong way. When you walk, you have to send the landscape – and the road – out of yourself. In order to help this form, we carry on the ritual singing and dancing.”

No roads have been built yet to where we need to go as a society. Meanwhile a frightening landscape of climate destruction and collapse is building up in the horison. But as the American architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller suggested: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

In 2024, thought-leaders and activists in the climate movement need to begin sending a new landscape – and an entirely new road – out of themselves. In order to help this form, we are reminded of the significant role that music always tend to play in any transformation or revolution.

If you think there was a song we forgot to play, please put it in the comments field below so we can play it in The Sustainable Hour during 2024.

With this, we wish you a happy and joyous festive season and New Year.

“Unite in a national effort to save from destruction all that makes life itself worth living.”
~ MacKenzie King, former Canadian Prime Minister

“We need a revolution. Revolutionary thinking. Revolutionary action.”
~ Ban ki-Moon, General-Secretary of the United Nations, in 2011

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Louise Harris
Louise Harris about ‘We Tried’ (50 second excerpt)
The Sustainable Hour’s Anthem for the Climate Revolution 2024

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→ The Sustainable Hour’s Youtube-playlist currently contains 239 climate and sustainability-related songs

“Saying ‘it’s not my revolution if I can’t dance’ is something I’ve held close for the entire time I’ve worked on climate. Not only does it link to my dance roots, but it’s also a reminder to have fun: fun is an essential part of creating change.”
~ Nicky Ison, energy transition manager, WWF Australia (Together We Can, p. 291)

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The didgeridoo music following the Sustainable Hour opening jingle is Doug Maxwell’s ‘Running Through The Forest’. 11 of the 12 songs we play in the hour are available on Youtube, and the last one is available on Soundcloud.

Here is the list – in order of appearance:

Dolly Parton: ‘World on Fire’

Alan Weiner: ‘(You’ve Got to Change Your) Oily Ways’

Goanna: ‘Takayna’

Seal Prince: ‘The Change Has Just Begun’

Jen Cloher: ‘Being Human’

More info on

Ziggy Alberts: ‘Together’

Pete Kronowitt: ‘I Wanna Be Cool’

The Climate Music Project and Music Declares Emergency have created the campaign Be Cool!, a Campaign to harness the energy of young people to push for accelerated climate action.

Now they invite singers and choirs from all over the world to join them.

For a start, they are out asking tens of thousands of kids to sing the chorus of this song we just listened to, ‘I wanna be cool’. 

You can find  the be cool campaign on instagram and facebook, or you can send an email to

Jacob Collier: ‘Little Blue’

Baba Brinkman: ‘Climate Hero’

COP28: ‘Waiting on the World to Change’

Louise Harris: We Tried’Anthem for the Climate Revolution 2024

Louise Harris wrote: “We’re already at Number 4 on iTunes… All proceeds donated to climate causes. Keep buying this on iTunes for 79p via link in my bio. In the words of Chris Packham, ‘can we get it to Number 1 in time for Christmas?’

Formidable Vegetable & Spoonbill: ‘Climate Movement’

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