Seize the decade: Net zero by 2035

Climate Council has presented a practical plan that spells out how, using proven technologies that are available today, Australia can cut climate pollution by 75 per cent this decade – three times faster than the current government plans each year to 2030.

“And in adopting these smart policies, we can ensure many more Australians see and experience the benefits. Not only in keeping us safer from worsening extreme weather, but also in creating plenty of new jobs and more liveable communities,” writes Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie in a newsletter.

“We’ll be getting persuasive messages out far and wide, building public support for climate action at the speed and scale required. Starting with the media launch of this plan today.”

“This is what our kids will talk about. The choices we made today that defined how safe or scary the world became as they grew up. In all my years working in climate, I have found that having a clear path ahead was the best antidote to my fears about our climate future. With this new roadmap to plan, a safer future for my kids, and for all of us, feels more in reach than ever before.”

The Climate Council’s new report breaks down how every major sector of the economy can work together to reach net zero carbon by 2035, including:

  • Supercharging solar, wind and storage to build a bigger electricity system and reach 94 per cent renewable energy in our grid by 2030
  • Putting solar panels on the rooftops of two in three Australian homes to help drive down the cost of living
  • Swapping polluting vehicles for cleaner, cheaper-to-run electric cars and choosing public transport more often
  • Making new buildings all-electric, electrifying existing homes and businesses and upgrading their energy efficiency
  • Using clean energy and readily available alternatives in our industrial processes to cut industrial use of coal by 41 per cent, oil by 86 per cent and gas by 31 per cent.

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Register for Climate Council’s upcoming webinar on 11 April 2024 at 6:00 to 7:00PM (AEST) to hear Amanda McKenzie chatting with an expert panel about our groundbreaking Seize the Decade plan – and hear how you can get involved. 

→ NewsCorp – 27 March 2024:
Groundbreaking Seize the Decade report explains how to hit climate targets in crucial decade
“A new report has revealed exactly what it’s going to take for Australia to avoid the worst effects of climate change.”