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Stop Adani Geelong


Grey Power Climate Protectors
BOB BROWN AND FRIENDS MARCHING TO ADANI HQ. Bob is the epitome of #GreyPower. You can be too!

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2 days ago

Stop Adani Geelong

"We are standing in Adani’s way"

"The decision by Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price to approve Adani’s groundwater plan was rushed through and politicised just before the election was called.
It was made under intense political pressure from her coal-loving colleagues in the Queensland LNP, trying to shore up votes in central Queensland; while Adani gained special access to the highest levels of the Government and ran a ground campaign in those marginal electorates.
The environmental approvals process has been corrupted and the science has not been properly followed, placing our country and cultural heritage at extreme risk.
The federal government's decision, defended by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, is a 'go ahead' to Adani to destroy our ancient Doongmabulla springs. But we will stand and protect them.

Later this month we will be singing up country, and will share Karmoo Dreaming in a celebration of the water protectors.
On the 28th of April, in Clermont, on Wangan country, we will host an event for the Bob Brown Foundation as they travel to the town. They have chosen to stand in solidarity with us as we defend our rights and our homelands. They are welcome on our country.

But to some locals, Clermont is only a mining town, and our rights don’t matter. Some businesses have flatly refused to ever serve those who are standing with us to protect country.
It is our common law right to practice our laws and culture on our country. We welcome anyone who will respect our ancestors, and our lands and waters.
But hosting this event requires substantial resources.

If you can, please donate to help us make it happen. We must ensure that our story, as the people from that land, is heard by many.
Our supporters from across all parts of the community are welcome to attend.

We are the original custodians. If we are ignored, and the law of the land is ignored, then we lose touch with what was originally put in place to protect us. It’s gone. There’s no history, and there’s no future.
With your support we are resisting the destruction of Wangan and Jagalingou country, and the extinguishment of our law and culture.
We are in a pitched battle with Adani and their political mates. We still stand in their way.

Friends, we have Adani’s dodgy Indigenous Land Use Agreement under appeal before the full bench of the Federal Court. That ILUA should never have been certified. Our case is set for 27-28 May.
Please donate to our Defence of Country fund to support our fight:

And continue to stand strong with us.

Adrian Burragubba, Murrawah Johnson & Linda Bobongie
for the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family"

#StopAdaniThe water is our life. It is our dreaming and our sovereignty. We cannot give that away. Water is central to our laws, our religion and our identity. It is t...
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