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2 months ago

I like climate safety

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Our guest in The Sustainable Hour no 314 on 20 May 2020 is one of the founders of permaculture, David Holmgren. David reveals his motivation for doing what he does and his belief that permaculture holds many answers to the wicked problems we face in our world today. He speaks with great authority on many topics, not the least of which is his decision to break with business as usual in taking a huge risk in crowdfunding his latest book ‘Retrosuburbia’ and getting it published in Australia.

David also explains why he has offered it on a ‘pay as u like’ basis and has been overwhelmed by the positive response. His not-for-profit business has never been as busy as it is right now. It is seen by many an an essential roadmap to a safer, more just and healthy future. Those who look at permaculture as a simply a way of ‘growing stuff’ will be re-educated in The Sustainable Hour today.

Colin Mockett ranges widely in his ‘Global Outlook’. He introduces us to a new term, ‘Astroturfing’, and explains its significance. He talks about a report that the prestigious Oxford University has brought out recently, where researchers looked at 700 different economic stimulus initiatives that followed actions to get economies up and running after the Great Financial Crisis in 2007. They concluded that the green focussed ones were much more successful. Following this, Colin reports on the recent decision made by the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund to divest from a number of Australian companies that keep entrenched in a polluting fossil fuel-based business model. His concluding point for today is about residents from The LaTrobe Valley to take the Victorian Environmental Protection Authority to court for the way they managed the fires there a few years ago.

Towards the end of the program, we join Charlie Mgee‘s choir as he raps “Let us rise as a choir of the people who get it,” and David Holmgren agrees with us that the success of pioneer movements such as permaculture and the climate movement comes down to whether or not a whole lot of people find the inclination and the courage to be the difference.

“Given that we as a society have been walking like a zombie into the maelstrom of climate change, resource depletion and ecological breakdown and dealing with a lot of the economic limits that come from that, the wake up call that has come from the coronavirus for a lot of people has been really positive.”
~ David Holmgren, co-founder of the permaculture movement, author of ‘RetroSuburbia’, a guide to life in a post-carbon world

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