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2 weeks ago

I like climate safety

“We need action on Climate Change and we need it fast! Who’s going to join me to sit on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Nov 30th at midday for the #schoolstrike #climatestrike?” Alex Marshall, (19) tells us why she’s passionate about making a difference and why she leading CACE - Community Action for the Climate Emergency.

“I got involved with an organisation called Generation Waking Up and that’s where I learnt how serious and immediate the effects of global warming are; and that we truly are in a state of #climateemergency.

“The aim of CACE is to support our local councils in declaring a climate emergency and acting accordingly. It’s a grassroots movement, we hope that with enough councils making declarations, state and federal governments will follow suit and that’s where massive change can be made.

“And it can be done! Check out the CACE website at to see the fantastic work that Darebin City Council is still doing nearly two years after the declaration.

“In terms of the climate crisis in general, there are so many things you can do. On an individual level, the ultimate goal to help in the climate emergency would be to go off grid, zero waste and vegan. Obviously, that’s not achievable overnight (I’m definitely not fully there) and for some people, not at all. But if you can do anything to get closer e.g. use a water tank, solar panels, shop local, avoid excess packaging, grow food and cut down on meat, then that’s fantastic.

“In terms of CACE, check out their website, see what it’s all about. To join in the City of Greater Geelong or Surf Coast Shire Council campaign email me at

“There’s always heaps of campaigns and petitions going on such as the upcoming day of inaction:
(Get more info here:
The ‘Fight for the Bight’ and ‘Big Oil Don’t Surf’,
One way I like to stay up to date with these things is by listening to the The Sustainable Hour:

“In order to have a meaningful impact on the climate crisis, we must act in as many ways as we can, individually, at a peer/business level, council, state, federal and international levels. Everyone can play a part, no matter how young, old, physically or intellectually able, your social, professional or educational background whatever. YOU can fight against the extinction of humanity.” #extinctionrebellion

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: supplied
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1 month ago

I like climate safety

Download The Sustainable Music Hour:

Poll: Which are YOUR favourite songs?

If you have other candidates, write a note in a comment field below.

The Sustainable Hour no 241:
On the lookout for the sustainable anthem of 2018

“The time has come!” The sustainable revolution is happening, and the youth are coming out – making sit-ins and going on school strike for the climate. So we’re saying: Just like the youth revolution back in the 1960s had its anthems, where is the ‘sustainable anthem’ or ‘climate action song’ for the youth revolution of 2018?

We have selected 11 candidates – but to find the right one, we need to hear YOUR opinion: Which one is your favourite?

Catch the music in the Sustainable Hour podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, listen on 94.7 The Pulse, streaming and on FM on Thursday this week – or simply download the hour to your harddisk or phone by clicking here:

» To let us know which song is your favourite, go to our preference poll:

. . .


• Midnight Oil: ‘Beds are Burning’

• Missy Higgins: ‘The Difference’

• Fredrika Stahl: ‘Tomorrow’

• Baba Brinkman: ‘Makin Waves’ (featuring Gaia's Eye)

• 1 Million Women: ‘You’re the Voice – An Anthem From Women For Climate Action & Hope’

• Paul McCartney: ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’

• Katie Costello: ‘New World’

• SolarEdge Technologies Inc. 2013 Happy Holidays clip: ‘Clear & Right’ (‘Scream & Shout’)

• Solar Edge 2012 Happy Holidays clip: ‘Solar Gangnam Style’

• @Taboo: ‘Stand Up / Stand N Rock’ #NoDAPL

• Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia is I: ‘Earth Emergency | Climate Change Music Video’ (‘Change the World’)

. . . .

#ArtsAndClimateChange #MusicAndClimate
#ArtsForASafeClimate #artclimatechange
#Climarte #Art #arts #Artist #Artists #ClimateMusic

Climarte - Arts for a Safe Climate
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1 month ago

I like climate safety

#VoteClimate #ClimateElection #ClimateDamage #TheTimeHasCome

Australian Conservation Foundation
It's up to us to make the next Federal Election THE CLIMATE ELECTION.

Sign the petition and we will show the parties just how many climate voters there are across Australia.
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1 month ago

I like climate safety
Live radio interview with Paul Wittwer in The Sustainable Hour on 31 October 2018 – about the National Day of Inaction which will be on 30 November

“We are sick of the inaction on climate change.”
~ Paul Wittwer

“Use the National Day of Inaction to start conversations with your friends, family and co-workers. Because the mainstream media is happily feeding us misinformation and uninformed opinion.”

» Join #Inaction2018 at:

“Share the message with your friends using #INACTION2018... and call in sick on 30 November 2018.”

“We want the government and business to:
1. Prioritise stabilising the climate
2. Stop the Adani Coal Mine
3. Introduce an emissions trading scheme

We all rely on a stable climate for clean air, food and water. A stable climate must be the priority of all decisions taken by government and business.

The Adani Coal mine can’t go ahead. The coal in the mine, if burnt, would send our planet into irreversible climate change that will destroy the ecosystems we rely upon.

And we need to put a price on carbon that reflects the real cost of using dirty fossil fuels and helps us transition quickly to a clean energy future.

This isn't a political issue. It's a health issue! We are sick of the inaction on climate change.”

» Find out more at

#ActOnClimate #ClimateAction #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #TheTimeHasCome
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