Greens: Become a climate champion

Newsletter from The Greens on 23 March 2024:

Did you see the sneaky laws cooked up by Santos?

We wanted you to know about Labor’s sneaky scheme in parliament this week.

Labor are trying to introduce new laws to fast-track gas approvals. They’ll allow new massive offshore gas projects to bypass our environmental laws, going straight to the fossil fuel-loving Resource Minister for approval instead. And they’ll bypass Traditional Owners – ignoring the rights they have to consultation.

These laws are written by the gas industry, for the gas industry. This is exactly why fossil fuel corporations donate millions to the major parties. And it’s exactly why we must stop them. 

We’re doing everything we can in parliament to stop this deal between Labor, the Liberals, and their fossil fuel donors.

If passed, the changes would effectively hand the Resources Minister broad-ranging power to reduce environmental and consultation obligations, without oversight from the Environment Minister.

It’s a move we’d have expected from Morrison. Its shamelessness is frightening.

And it shows Labor can’t be trusted to make safe decisions.

To keep global heating within range of human survival, we urgently need to break the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold on our democracy. We must take back our parliament… before it’s too late.

So with your help, that’s what we’ll do.

The power behind our campaign comes from a small, committed group of people like you. We call them Climate Champions.

By giving a few dollars every week, together they’ve spread our message “No New Coal and Gas” messaging across the country. And they’re helping us expose dodgy deals like this one. Their power comes from knowing we can rely on their support week in week out, to keep momentum going. Can you join them?

Our future depends on climate champions like you.


Yours in solidarity,

Your Greens Team

P.S. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, please ignore this request. If you’re financially secure, then this fight needs you!