Faith groups speak up for climate action

A short video about the #Faiths4Climate mobilisation in Geelong on 17-18 October 2021

With over 500 actions in over 40 countries, a #Faiths4Climate campaign gathered for strength in places of prayer and marched to government offices, oil and gas headquarters, demanding climate justice.

They talked with their local MPs about actually representing the community who voted them in, and about how they can use their vote and influence in Parliament and within their parties to implement strong action on climate – which includes putting a halt to all new fossil fuel projects. They even shut down the office of the world’s largest asset manager.

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In Geelong Muslims, Buddhists and Christians came together calling on Labor politicians Libby Coker and Richard Marles to stop new coal and gas projects and support Zali Steggall’s climate bill in Federal Parliament. Statements from Queenscliff Lonsdale Anglican vikar Peter MartinHannah Mayer from The Drol Kar Buddhist Centre, and Geelong imam Muhammad Ramzan can be heard in the video above.