The deep clean in Australian politics

Australians are getting ready for a political revolution to restore their democracy. At the next election, they plan to vote in a small army of strong independent women who will execute a long-needed ‘deep clean’ Australian politics.

Former Independent MP for Indi, Cathy McGowan AO, at 43 min: “How can we fix this up?”
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In this session, Kerry O’Brien went to the heart of things, explaining why we need strong, community-minded independents to inject rigour, nuance and freshness into policy and decision-making.

“I think the major parties have become kind of a corporate entity. People are basically told as they arrive how they’re supposed to conform. It might sound silly but they’re too professional, they’re too slick, they’re too studied, they’re pre-set. And so often they’re directed from the top.”
~ Kerry O’Brien, former ABC presenter

Independents can revolutionise Australian politics

“We will do this through something radical: actually working for our communities, and only our communities. Independents only have one boss: their electorate. No party bosses, no donor bosses, no lobbyist bosses. If independents expect their communities to vote for them at the next election, and then expect to stay elected, they have to show up, put runs on the board and deliver for these communities.

There are no captain’s picks, no pre-selection battles, no deals done behind closed doors. Independents are not independent of their community, but for their community, which means that the rarest thing of all, trust, is critical to making this relationship work.

Independents are not a risk. We are also not toothless tigers. As Simon Holmes à Court has pointed out, if just three more Independent MPs are chosen to represent their communities, Australians could wake up the day after the Federal election to a different country.”
~ Georgia Steele, a corporate litigator running for election as an independent candidate for the Federal seat of Hughes

→ Independent Australia – 9 December 2021:
Independents can revolutionise Australian politics

“It is no coincidence that the Independent campaigns around the country are largely driven by women with women as the community-endorsed candidates. If politics is the art of the possible, the emerging Independent movement is sensing the very real possibility of success at the next election.”

Professor Kerryn Phelps, former Federal Member for Wentworth 

→ SBS News – 6 December 2021:
The female independents vying for the seats of high-profile Liberal men at the next federal election
“Concerned by a growing disconnect between the values of their communities – such as gender equality and climate – and how they are dealt with in Canberra, these independent candidates are among those ready to contest the 2022 federal election.”

“We can no longer be asleep at the wheel.”

Voices of Kooyong

“Declining standards in politics leave voters confused, frustrated, even despondent. It sometimes feels as though pork-barrelling, jobs for mates, and politicised government advertising is becoming the norm. These behaviours weaken our democracy. Australians should expect better of our governments.”

Danielle Wood, CEO, Grattan Institute

“What is earnestly hoped for, and desperately needed, is a strong cross bench in our next Federal government, similar to that of the Gillard minority government, holding the balance of power, that will, as a start, immediately pass Zali Steggall’s climate bill and Helen Haines federal integrity commission bill. Hopefully Get Elected and the Voices groups will help us get there.”
~ Peter Gardner, ‘Get Elected by Ruth McGowan – a brief review’

“Communities that are looking to leadership on climate action are not seeing the right signals coming from Labor. There is a similar but lesser frustration with Labor on its refusal to rule out new coal or gas projects.”

Professor Kerryn Phelps, former Federal Member for Wentworth 

→ Independent Australia – 29 November 2021:
KERRYN PHELPS: Coalition threatened by independent movement
“Independent politicians, particularly women, are becoming a strong voice against the ineptitude of our Federal Government, writes Professor Kerryn Phelps.”

→ RenewEconomy – 22 November 2021:
If you vote for moderate Liberals, you will end up with Barnaby Joyce again
“We may not have Tony Abbott as our Prime Minister, but we still have his climate targets. That should sound the alarm. It’s time for the new wave of community backed independents to shake up the political status quo and get things moving.”

History in the making: getting ready for the federal climate election

Introducing Zoe Daniel, the community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein

“I had no intention of entering politics before I was approached by Voices. I’d been a reporter for nearly three decades — an observer not a participant. I’ve spent a lot of time in the room where it happens, watching. It’s time to step up to the table.”
~ Zoe Daniel

Zoe Daniel is a journalist and foreign correspondent with nearly 30 years of experience. 

She has covered everything from economics and finance to natural disasters and foreign affairs. Having reported on floods, typhoons and bushfires around the world, Zoe has seen first hand the harsh impacts of climate change. 

Like so many of us, Zoe is sick of waiting for the government to lead on climate change and restoring integrity to politics. She’s worried that the major parties are squandering the immense business and economic opportunity the renewable climate economy presents. And, as a mother, Zoe is motivated to act in the interests of her teenage children’s future. 

That’s why Zoe has put her hand up to be the community-backed independent candidate for Goldstein. She joins an increasingly impressive field of fresh, female independents, including Allegra Spender, Kylea Tink, and more.

Independent MP Zali Steggall podcast interview

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