Sustainable vibes

The team on The Sustainable Hour have compiled a playlist of songs that are not only catchy and something you can clap your hands to but also all have an underlying message. 

Music and the arts play a significant role in delivering messages of all kinds. Some artists sing about love, some about heartache and others about country. This very personal compilation of tunes covers topics on recycling, environment, climate change and more providing the audience with knowledge, inspiration and hope.

Finishing off with Lil Dicky’s ‘Earth’, you will want to hear a repeat of this two classic hours of music. Each song has been picked and introduced by Mik, Tony, Colin and Jackie from The Sustainable Hour. Whilst the team interview many knowledgable and highly regarded guests week to week, they understand and appreciate the importance music has in moving people to action. Music expresses that which cannot be put into words. It is a space where we can all be the difference.

→ For better music sound quality, you can download this mp3-file in 192 kbps (164MB)


  1. ‘Save The World with this Melody’ – Bernadette La Hengst
    2. ‘All the Wild Wonders’ – Ecopella
    3. ‘Sleep Australia Sleep’ – Paul Kelly
    4. ‘Beds Are Burning’ – Julia Stone
    5. ‘The End of the World‘ – Billie Eilish
    6. ‘River’ – Ash Grunwald
    7. ‘12 Days of Crisis’ – Extinction Rebellion
    8. ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’ – Judy Small
    9. ‘Something of value’ – Eric Bogle
    10. ‘It’s the End of Oil’ – Charlie Mgee – Formidable Vegetable
    11. ‘Climate Movement’ – Spoonbill & Charlie Mgee
    12. ‘Change’ – Gaia’s Eye
    13. ‘It’s Clear & Right’ – Solar Edge
    14. ‘New World’ – Katie Costello
    15. ‘Solar Gangnam Style’ – Solar Edge
    16. ‘You’re the Voice’ – 1 Million Women
    17. ‘Stand Up’ – Taboo
    18. ‘Despite Repeated Warnings’ – Paul McCartney
    19. ‘Making Waves’ – Baba Brinkman
    20. ‘Beds Are Burning’ – Midnight Oil
    21. ‘The Difference’ – Missy Higgins
    22. ‘We Don’t Have Time’ – Sustainable Soundtracks
    23. ‘Earth’ – Lil Dicky

Playlist: Listen to hours and hours of ‘sustainable songs’ on youtube

Gal Gadot Leads a Star-Studded Cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

At around 25 minutes, you will hear Damon Gameau talk about the role of the artists
As the first climate strike had just taken place in Melbourne we started searching for ‘climate movement anthem’

→ New York Times – 21 May 2020:
The HOT 10 Climate Songs
“As global temperatures have climbed, so have mentions of climate change in popular songs. Here are 10 that led the way.”

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Playlist: Listen to hours and hours of ‘sustainable songs’ on youtube