Renewable energy: we’re on!

Today, we took one small but important step in our household towards reducing carbon-emissions in the atmosphere: By paying just 4 cents more per KiloWattHour (25 øre), the electricity we use in our house now comes from 100% renewable energy.

Two young men knocked on our door and wanted to sell us cheaper electricity. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in talking to them at all — far too many people have come knocking on our door recently trying to sell us or tell us something.

Ben and Jake from EnergyAustralia
Ben and Jake from EnergyAustralia

But then I found out that they weren’t just offering us cheaper electricity — they also had a ‘GreenPower Add-on Option’ which they call ‘PureEnergy100’ and which will supply us with accredited renewable energy.

Seriously, why doesn’t everyone out there just choose that option, now that it actually exists?!

This was “one small step” for our little family, but it is one giant leap for mankind as far as carbon cutting is concerned: the fact that it is now possible, by just paying a tiny little bit extra, to only be using 100 percent renewable energy in our house. It is a good feeling.


PS: Just a thought, to all you EnergyAustralia door knockers out there:
You don’t seem to realise that, when contacting us at our doorstep, if you had told us about this PureEnergy100 option much earlier in the conversation, you would instantly have caught our attention. The last month I have been digging deeper and deeper into aspects of green energy, surfing dozens of websites, but even so, I still had no knowledge about that such an option existed. I couldn’t be the only one who’d be interested in switching over to only using renewable energy for our electricity in the house.



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