Earth Hour: motivate to emit less

Take your next step for the climate: Turn out the light for one hour on 23 March 2013

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World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Earth Hour’ is the world’s largest climate event. It takes place in 7,000 cities around the world in 152 countries. In one hour on 23 March, millions of people and thousands of businesses and cities around the globe turn out the lights as a symbolic sign of action on climate change – to motivate to emit less CO2.

In Denmark the WWF Earth Hour 2013 is from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. During the Danish campaign, the Danes are invited to make their own Climate Agreement with WWF – to show that they are ready to change their habits in daily life to reduce CO2 emissions. Also companies and municipalities are invited to take responsibility in the battle against global warming and sign an (indicative) climate agreement with WWF. In 2012, 700 Danish companies participated.

Participants in the campaign are invited to provide a challenge to their fellow Danes. A challenge could be to introduce a meat-free day, switching to energy efficient light bulbs, or stop the large food waste.

“We can not wait any longer for the world leaders to agree. We have to act on our own if we are to stop climate change,” says Gitte Seeberg, Secretary General of WWF in Denmark.

The World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species.