Woman with a potentially explosive idea

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It will be the inevitable and unavoidable Next Step for frustrated climate activists if our governments continue to allow the climate and ecological crisis to escalate: the emergence of what the governments would then label as “eco-terrorists”, but what the activists themselves would perceive as “fossil fuel freedom fighters”.

Now there’s an Icelandic film out, ‘Woman at War’, creatively telling the story of – maybe inspire – what is likely to actually begin to happen in real life before we know it: underground ‘resistance groups’ or individuals sabotaging the polluters’ infrastructure and products.

Fossil fuel depots happen to be almost too easy targets, all you need is one match.

Another thing we could see coming is ‘climate bashing’, where individuals begin to tell other individuals off, or even attacking them, because of their polluting machinery or vehicle.

We’ve seen the Twin Towers in New York go down because of radicalised hatred against the Americans in the name of religion. If you put two and two together, it is really not that hard to predict a new and more radicalised type of ‘earth defenders’ acting in the sacred name of Life on Planet Earth.

There could be more ugliness and violence in the pipeline, which I don’t even want to think about.

All of which could have been avoided if the governments had been listening to what a majority of the population keeps telling them – about that they have address the climate emergency and listen to the scientists rather than listening to the coal, oil and gas barons.

Woman At War – Exclusive Clip – Another Bloody Sheep

“Great humor”, “Subtle” and “Important”

Reviews at kino.dk

→ Information – 24 May 2019:
Woman at War is an excellent movie about sabotaging environmental pig heads with what you have at hand
“Benedikt Erlingsson’s eco drama manages to find a distinguished balance between seriousness and humour, between power and powerlessness – and tells in the most beautiful way how to accept your destiny.” (Film review in Danish language)

→ Sydney Morning Herald – 3 April 2019:
Woman at War review: Ice and fire in this minor classic
“Bleak windswept landscapes, folk in heavy woollen jumpers, cattle dogs and civil disobedience – what’s not to like? This might be the best thing to come out of Iceland since their 2014 World Cup football team and that other-worldly clapping thing they made famous.”

→ Washington Post – 6 March 2019:
‘Woman at War’ is a taut environmental thriller with a charismatic superhero
“As this intriguing, visually stunning movie opens, a woman named Halla is tightening her bow and sending an arrow across an array of utility towers, a real-life Artemis whose precise goal remains elusive in a mostly silent sequence.”