Travel advisory alert

For your in-fight entertainment, the Flight Free Australia crew have just published this two-minute “I will help Australia…” travel advisory alert video on

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As part of the necessary emergency response, please share the YouTube link across your networks and on your social media platforms.

There’s no more jet fuel we can safely burn.

When will it be safe to fly again?

A presentation by Flight Free Australia on the hazards of aviation emissions and how we can avoid them.

→ Reuters – 14 September 2020:
New planes and biofuel: How can airlines reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050?
“Oneworld is the first global airline alliance to unite behind a common target to achieve carbon neutrality.”

→ Climate Action – 18 September 2020:
Oneworld member airlines commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050
“Oneworld member airlines have committed to net zero carbon emission by 2050, becoming the first global airline alliance to strive for carbon neutrality.”

The Oneworld Alliance includes 13 airlines: American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines and SriLankan Airlines. They serve more than 1,000 airports in over 170 territories.

Reuters reported that a growing cohort of large corporate companies are collaborating with smaller climate startups in the race to a net-zero future:

→ Reuters – 14 September 2020:
Corporate giants court climate startups in race to net-zero future