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This is “Extinction Rebellion for Kids” – meaning: Let’s talk about how we will win, and not about how we are losing. On 5 July 2019 at 11am at Geelong City Hall: Photo shoot and animal dress up.

The recipe for winning requires an unprecedented mix of optimism and realism: We have to get real about the emergency we are in and the existential threat we are facing, while at the same time showing uncompromising determination and non-negotiable perseverance: We do not appreciate or accept the United Nations’ prediction that our generation will be the one to exterminate one million species on this planet. We want our elected representatives to do what it takes to change that path, and we know that this will only happen if we begin to show – and show in the public space – how we feel, and how deeply concerned we are, along with our children.

This problem is so simple that any child can understand how it works: to secure a safe future for our children and all species on this planet, we simply have to stop our disrespectful pollution of the air and water, and not only cut the carbon, but draw it down again. We have to start acting as if our lives depend on it. Because they actually do.

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On 18 June 2019, Caroline Danaher wrote:

Hello Everyone
If you know children, have children or grandchildren and have Friday July 5th free between 11:00-12:30 we would love to see you at the City Town Hall for a photoshoot.

We want to engage with parents, grandparents and carers and with our children to support and to act for the climate and the whole ecological system. Here is a good site for those who want to engage more and also who want support: Australian Parents For Climate Action

Adults please dress up too…if you’d like.  Children will love the theme. I have put a great website for easy ideas, but creative inventions. Talk about the needs of the future with your young ones. Politicians are pretending nothing is happening. Let’s not do the same thing to ourselves and our children. In acting we make the possibility for change.

Look forward to seeing you all. Please share to others you know.

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  1. Well said, there is so much negativity! Australian’s especially feel a bit hopeless because their government is not really listening and have no firm plans to combat climate change. Yet I feel the mood is shifting and people are ready to fight for their families future. Everyone needs to bypass governments and make a difference where they can in daily life. Regenerate the planet! Thrive for Future!

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