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The Sustainable Hour no 372

Today we welcome back Jackie Matthews for the first anniversary of her leaving The Sustainable Hour’s microphone for a less public, but just as important role of editing the show each week. Twelve months ago, Jackie secured a full time job which meant that she wasn’t able to continue co-hosting, but she wanted to stay involved, much to our delight. We discover what she’s been up to on the sustainability front in that time.

In The Tunnel we have Shaun Murray who is national co-ordinator of the #DontNabOurFuture campaign – a campaign aimed at encouraging the National Australian Bank to change its policy on lending to fossil fuel projects. This campaign is very important strategically right now as the NAB board are currently reviewing the bank’s policy in this area. You can find out more about the campaign on www.dontnabourfuture.com

Shaun started out as a grassroots climate community organiser in Melbourne in 2007. While in Melbourne he founded Quit Coal which is still going strong. Some time after that, Sydney and a senior community organiser job with GetUp! lured him to the harbour city.

We introduce an extract from an excellent series of educational youtube-video series called ‘The Breakdown’ by Jack Harries and Earthrise. This episode looks at what fossil fuel companies did over 50 years ago when their scientists told them just what would be the consequences if they continued to sell their toxic products .

We start off the hour with a short statement by the head of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, spruiking their 3,800 page roadmap to carbon neutrality, the so-called European Green Deal, which targets a 55% per cent emissions reduction by 2030. Mik Aidt then asks: is this enough? This leads him to talk about greenwashing and how a single-use plastic bag attempts to morph into being a ‘reusable’ and sustainable item simply by printing ‘Power of care’ and a green earth on it.

Colin Mockett‘s Global Outlook is dominated by carbon-induced disasters with the the giant fires in western United States, rated worst ever and floods in Europe with untold deaths through Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and more.

These have occurred against a background report from UNFCCC showing that once-in a millennium events like fires, floods and disasters are likely to occur every five to eight years when the world warms 0.8 degrees, which is predicted could happen already within the next five years.

This week also revealed that vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest now emit more CO2 than they absorb. These swathes of forest have been burned in order to produce soy and beef for export.

Finally, Colin has some homely medical advice for Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro who was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains following a bout of hiccups that lasted for 10 days.

That’s it for show #372 – we’ll be back in seven days with more food for thought for solution-seekers and climate revolutionaries. Our aim is to give all our listeners active hope. Have a think about how you can join the climate revolution: Find your role and be the difference.

“We can’t just rely on the market to save us. It isn’t an instrument of global social justice or environmental protection historically, is it? It’s something used to make rich people richer. Change is definitely coming through all sorts of mechanisms. It’s up to us to work out how to accelerate those structural changes that are already coming.”
~ Shaun Murray, national co-ordinator of the #DontNABourFuture campaign

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We at The Sustainable Hour would like to pay our respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we are broadcasting, the Wathaurong People, and pay our respect to their elders, past, present and future.

The traditional owners lived in harmony with the land. They nurtured it and thrived in often harsh conditions for millenia before they were invaded. Their land was then stolen from them – it wasn’t ceeded. It is becoming more and more obvious that, if we are to survive the climate emergency we are facing, we have much to learn from their land management practices.

Our battle for climate justice won’t be won until our First Nations brothers and sisters have their true justice. When we talk about the future, it means extending our respect to those children not yet born, the generations of the future – remembering the old saying that…

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”

The decisions currently being made around Australia to ignore the climate emergency are being made by those who won’t be around by the time the worst effects hit home. How disrespectful and unfair is that?

“The hypocrisy and incompetence of the federal government in destroying renewable energy jobs while unsuccessfully seeking to prop up the coal industry reflects very badly on it.”
~ Andrew Laird, barrister

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50 years of lies and misinformation

This is important to understand: The climate emergency wasn’t an accident, or some “natural disaster” suddenly hitting us to everyone’s surprise. It was a deliberate act by selfish, greedy scumbags in suits making a profit for themselves from selling products which pollutes our common atmosphere and causes the planet to heat up. They knew this, and instead of stopping the damage, they decided to give money to PR companies and flawed academics who would flood the public with fake stories about that climate change wasn’t happening or “the science wasn’t settled”, so that we all would continue buying their polluting products.

It is a striking story about the biggest crime on the planet, and though journalists working in mainstream media completely failed to dig it up and expose it, as they could have already decades ago, it is now finally being documented and shared by individuals and grassroots organisations which eventually will have more reach and impact to the youth than traditional media has.

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The EU Commission’s “Fit for 55” climate package includes some changes for aviation. Despite the fact that a 55% emissions reduction by 2030 is not a fair contribution of the EU to the 1.5 degree limit, there’s good news: the plan aims to finally put an end to the tax exemption for jet fuel in the EU. But there are some big problems: the tax will only be introduced gradually over ten years, cargo flights are exempt and it will be limited to intra-EU flights only. There are also other problems like the adoption of the toothless UN scheme CORSIA for extra-EU flights.

→ Learn more: Stay Grounded’s complete analyses and statements.

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→ The Age – 17 July 2021:
Why a killer US heatwave points to a stifling future for our cities
“Dr Sebastian Pfautsch, a specialist on urban heat at Western Sydney University, says though Australian attention has drifted from the terrible summer of 2019 and 2020, he fears for the future of residents of some suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne. The heat is coming, he says, and we are not prepared for it.”


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Events we have talked about in The Sustainable Hour

Events in Victoria

The following is a collation of Victorian climate change events, activities, seminars, exhibitions, meetings and protests. Most are free, many ask for RSVP (which lets the organising group know how many to expect), some ask for donations to cover expenses, and a few require registration and fees. This calendar is provided as a free service by volunteers of the Victorian Climate Action Network. Information is as accurate as possible, but changes may occur.



List of running petitions where we encourage you to add your name

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