Solar leadership, climate creativity and disruptive vitality

Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 30 January 2019 are:

[07:45] Lachlan Magee, energy solutions manager at Choice Solar, which is a “one stop shop for your energy requirements” – an end-to-end solar supplier. With 7,500 clients it is one of the largest energy broking firms in the country, connecting investors with energy projects and companies, it means they are able to work with a number of energy providers to negotiate and achieve optimum power rates, network tariffs and create results for their energy-using customers, both industry and residential.

[29:30] Luke Taylor, director of the National Sustainable Living Festival, which is on all through February in Melbourne. 2019 celebrates 20 years for this event, with this year’s theme being ‘Disruption’, and it is again a jam packed program. The Big Weekend is on 8 to 11 February.

[37:20] Deborah Punton from Greensong Ecopsychology holds workshops on ecopsychology and is a facilitator with ClimateForChange. She thinks we need to look at a variety of perspectives to educate and support emotional states in relation to the climate disruption.
Deb and fellow artist Carolyn work with the medium of used plastic to help understand our inner feelings. The artwork outcome of a workshop in St Kilda on 6 February will be exhibited at the Sustainable Living Festival during the Great Local Lunch at Federation Square on Sunday 10 February.

[01:10] We start the hour with Colin Mockett’s World View. Today, Colin talks about hydrogen as an energy source: Is it right for Australia?

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We at The Sustainable Hour would like to pay our respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we are broadcasting, the Wathaurong People, and pay our respect to their elders, past, present and future.

The traditional owners lived in harmony with the environment and with the climate for hundreds of generations. It is not clear – yet – that as European settlers we have demonstrated that we can live in harmony for hundreds of generations, but it is clear that we can learn from the indigenous, traditional owners of this land.

When we talk about the future, it means extending our respect to those children not yet born, the generations of the future – remembering the old saying that…

The decisions currently being made around Australia to ignore climate change are being made by those who won’t be around by the time the worst effects hit home. How utterly disgusting, disrespectful and unfair is that?



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The Sustainable Hour
The Sustainable Hour

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“Participation – that’s what’s gonna save the human race.”
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