The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse in June and July


Hosts: Anthony Gleeson and Alistair Cameron


Lisa Neville
Lisa Neville

The Sustainable Hour #134 – 12 August 2016

• Interview with Lisa Neville, Victorian minister for water.

Susanna Bevilacqua
Susanna Bevilacqua

The Sustainable Hour #133 – 5 August 2016

• Live interview via phone with Susanna Bevilacqua, Director and Founder, Moral Fairground.
Moral Fairground is a Melbourne not for profit dedicated to promoting and supporting socially responsible businesses. Susanna Bevilacqua told us about their annual awards for such businesses and how much they have grown over the time they have had them.

The Ethical Enterprise Award 2016 recognises and celebrates the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprises. Winners will be announced at the Ethical Enterprise Award dinner on 20 October 2016, set to be held at the Jasper Hotel, Melbourne.

Have you booked your spot for the upcoming ‪Ethical Network Event‬ at Docklands Library on 26th August 2016? The evening features a screening of Landfill Harmonic followed by a discussion with Kim Pearce of the Possibility Project. Presented by Transitions Film Festival in partnership with Moral Fairground the evening will be a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded people over drinks and light refreshments (included in the ticket price).
Library at The Dock – 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands, VIC 3008

Link up with Moral Fairground online:

Dan Cowdell came in to tell us about a couple of projects he is involved in:
The first one is ReEnergise Geelong – which is investigating community renewable energy projects – in particular the survey they are doing for Surf Coast Shire. The aim here is to find out what people’s attitudes are towards renewable energy plus the factors which would impact on their decisions to buy them for their houses.
The second is the latest on Geelong Sustainability where he is president, and where Sustainable House Day is coming up on 16 October 2016.

• The interview with Anton Marcus was conducted by Natalie Milsom who co-ordinates the youth group and who kindly sent us the sound file. We played Anton’s song ‘Frack Off’ which can be found on More info on

Aaron Lewtas and daugther, Ruby
Aaron Lewtas and daugther, Ruby

The Sustainable Hour #132 – 27 July 2016


• Guest in the studio: Aaron Lewtas, CEO, Green Energy Options
• Prerecorded interviews: Pat Onesta, president of Surf Coast Energy Group, and another participant who attended Tim Flannery’s talk at Geelong Library
• Song by Anton Marcus

Tim Davis
Tim Davis

The Sustainable Hour #131 – 20 July 2016

• Guest in the studio: Pat Onesta, president, Surf Coast Energy Group
• Prerecorded interview: Tim Davis, ex-CSIRO scientist


Father Peter Murnane
Father Peter Murnane
Anton Marcus
Anton Marcus
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The Sustainable Hour #130 – 13 July 2016

• Live phone interview with Margaret Hender from CORENA about the climate emergency declaration petition
• Prerecorded interviews with participants in a non-violent direct action event outside Minister for Energy and Environement Josh Frydenberg’s office in Melbourne on 9 June 2016: Catholic Dominican Priest Father Peter Murnane, Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black from the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and the Leo Baeck Centre for Progressive Judaism, and entertainer and artist Scott.
• Song by Anton Marcus: ‘Frack Off’ – London Youth Group,
• Youtube-clip with Stephen Hawking

Margaret Hender
Margaret Hender

“It just became apparent that, okay, there is only so much the public can do via projects like CORENA. It is good, but it is a drop in the ocean. And we figured: We really need the government to take a step up, declare a climate emergency, state things how they are, and actually mobilise the resources to deal with it.” 
Margaret Hender, CORENA, in The Sustainable Hour on 13 July 2016

Stephen Hawking: CO2 emissions biggest problem facing humanity

On 29 June 2016, Stephen Hawking – one of the world’s most brilliant thinkers, and a man who rarely gives interviews – joined Larry King to discuss the greatest issues facing the planet.

Larry King: “Stephen, when we last spoke six years ago, you said that mankind was in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. Have things gotten better or worse since then?”

Stephen Hawking: “We certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid. Six years ago I was warning about pollution and overcrowding, they have gotten worse since then. The population has grown by half a billion since our last meeting with no end in sight. At this rate, it will be 11 billion by 2100. Air pollution has increased by 8 percent over the past five years.”

“What’s the biggest problem facing humanity today?”

“The increase in air pollution and increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. Will we be too late to avoid dangerous levels of global warming?”

Carmen Lawrence

The Sustainable Hour #129 – 6 July 2016

• Live phone interview with psychology professor and former premier Carmen Lawrence – our latest ‘climate emergency declaration baton holder’. Carmen Lawrence went from psychology academic to Western Australia politics to the first female premier in Australia to the first female cabinet member in federal politics back to teaching psychology at University of Western Australia focusing on mental health implications of climate change. Already in 1988, she initiated the development of recourse material for schools about global warming.
• Replay of Christine Milne interview
• Tim Flannery’s video from The Great Barrier Reef
• Election results
• Song by Missy Higgins: ‘World Gone Mad’. The CD-album that Alistair refers to is called ‘Sounds of the Reef’ – a major fundraising project.  21 artists provided songs of theirs that are released in other places as well.  The link to purchase the album is and costs $10.

Mark Wakeham
Mark Wakeham
Election debate
Election debate at The Pulse

The Sustainable Hour #128 – 29 June 2016

Election special
• Live phone interview with Mark Wakeham, CEO of Environment Victoria

The 2016 Australian election debate not-to-be-missed. Like all good humour this video is based on truth. Support The Kids’ Party and to help save the Great Barrier Reef

• Adelaide’s Mayor Martin Haesse‘s vision for a carbon neutral Adelaide – a great model for Geelong to follow. In this 20 minute speech, which Martin Haesse held at the Festival of Ideas in Adelaide on 2 May 2016, he outlines what influenced him to form this vision. He clearly and passionately outlines why Adelaide is going down this path. He talks about the city’s approach as being a “source of competitive advantage”. Adelaide has decoupled economic growth and CO2 emissions: GDP is increasing at the same time that emissions are decreasing.
Courtesy of The Enviro Show on 93.7 FM in Adelaide, South Australia.

» More audio and information on
A Low Carbon Future for Adelaide — pt 1 of 2 and:
A Low carbon Future for Adelaide — pt 2 of 2

Jane Morton
Jane Morton

The Sustainable Hour #127 – 22 June 2016

In a climate emergency, why no policy on health impacts?

• Live phone interviews with Jane Morton, and
Fiona Armstrong,