10 years of Sustainable Hours

The Sustainable Hour team celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Saturday 28 October at the historic heritage The Davidson in Geelong.

Thank you to all you legends who attended – and also to those who have posted some wonderful greetings in the comment field below. We’re humbled, happy and all fired up! 🙂

Photos by Mike Dugdale

The celebration was also the exciting Australian launch of a new global flag for the protection of the Earth and all life on it. Learn more about this Blue Dot flag.

And we launched our new podcast series The Business Revolution, where Alan Taylor will be joining us behind a podcast microphone.

Messages, questions and requests always welcome – you can contact us at tsh@climatesafety.info

Mike Lawrence, who co-founded The Sustainable Hour together with Mik ten years ago, gave a warm and empowering speech. From left: Councillors Jim Mason and Elise Wilkinson, and Mike’s partner Leila.

28 October 2023

30 October 2013

Launch of ‘The Sustainable Hour’

On 30 October 2013 at 11am the first ‘Sustainable Hour’ was launched on 94.7 The Pulse in Geelong, Australia: a weekly radio show about clean, green and sustainable solutions in Geelong – and for Geelong.

• Mike Lawrence and Mik Aidt

Guests in the first programme:
• Stephen Yewdall. Mayoral candidate. Former local government officer at City of Greater Geelong
• Anthony Gleeson. Climate activist

Read more and listen here

The most recent Sustainable Hours… as they appear on Instagram

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  1. Hi Tony, Colin and Mik,


    You generously invited me, as an artist, to talk on the 50th programme of your podcast. As environmentalist David Suzuki stated, change will come from the ground up. Your programme has done this.

    Kind regards,

    Jane Kempe.


  2. Thanks Mik, Tony and Colin,

    Wonderful work over the last 10 years, it has been great the 4 years I have listened to “The Sustainable Hour”.

    What hard work, if only all parliamentarians listened, all the climate problems would have been solved 5 years ago and these boys would be fishing.



  3. Hi Mik, Tony, Colin and everyone else,

    Happy Anniversary!!
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to a dinner on Saturday night, but thanks for the invitation. It was a great pleasure to be able to make content for the show, and thanks for all the wonderful feedback, it has really helped my writing and audio production skills! I wish you all the best for the future of the show, and for your anniversary celebrations!

    Thanks again for the great opportunity,

    Yours sincerely,

    Ben Pocock

  4. Congratulations guys! That’s a huge anniversary. Great work

  5. Dear Tony, Colin and Mik,

    Heartiest congratulations and warmest of thanks for all your hard work – its been a super human effort over the last 10 years on TSH and no doubt our embattled planet is a safer and happier place because of your dedication and achievements.

    Thank you also for promoting The Bentley Effect film when we released it. Im happy to report it is still inspiring those willing to stand against the climate wreckers 🙂 Do look out for Fighting Giants when it hits Vic – it’s my latest campaign film for Frack Free Kimberley currently doing the rounds in WA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlbxaSiSv_k

    I’m based across the ditch in Tassie these days and I’d dearly love to jump on the ferry and get to the gathering on the 28th. Be great to have a beer with my old mate Tony but alas, it will be tricky. Regardless, I will certainly raise a glass to The Sustainable Hour and the valuable light its shone on the most pressing issues of our time.

    With much respect and gratitude for all you do. Hope to cross paths again soon



    Brendan Shoebridge
    Filmmaker | Editor

    ‘Media for a Changing World’

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