The climate fight in a nutshell


…or rather, in the shell of a caravan. In a caravan camouflaged as an island, that is. A Maldivian island, threatened by rising sea water levels. Currently placed on Federation Square, the pumping heart of Melbourne. By a Dane.

Confused? Here’s the story:

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Søren Dahlgaard


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» The news from EU which Søren mentions in the interview:
European parliament to vote on travel advisory for Maldives

“Parliamentarians of the European Union have expressed concern over the imprisonment of former president Mohamed Nasheed and will vote on a travel advisory for the Maldives on Thursday in Strasbourg, France.
Europeans make up nearly half of the tourist arrivals in the Maldives, and a travel advisory may have a devastating impact on the country’s economy as it depends largely on revenue from tourism.
Nasheed’s 13-year jail term on terrorism charges in a rushed trial last month sparked international outrage over lack of due process. The charges relate to the detention of a judge during his tenure.
The seven parliamentary groups in the EU parliament have each submitted a motion for a resolution, all of which noted a lurch towards authoritarianism in the Maldives.”