Renewables not gas for Geelong: Get involved

Geelong Renewables Not Gas Campaign: Update #3

Sal Fisher writes on 6 July 2021:

“I’m pleased to update you that our Geelong Renewables Not Gas campaign is steadily growing momentum. We’re assembling a campaign organising team and working groups to develop plans to maximise our impact. We will involve more volunteers soon, so stay tuned.

I have some good news to share with you and important details about Viva’s next EES consultation meeting.

Firstly, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who donated to our end of year fund-raising appeal. Your donations are very gratefully received and will be spent very wisely. We intend developing a specific website for the campaign so we can share more information. We’ll also be printing signs to raise visibility and awareness about the campaign across the area.

We have had a strong response which will allow us design our own independent website so we can share more details about the campaign and give it the focus it deserves. We will also be printing signs to raise visibility and awareness about the campaign across the area. I will advise you when these are available so you can help show community opposition to the proposal.

Geelong Sustainability made a submission outlining numerous suggestions to improve the Environmental Effects Statement process. We expect DELWP to release the EES scoping documents very soon.Interestingly, GeelongPort has announced that it will commission Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab to conduct its own research into the impacts of the LNG import terminal. We are calling for the GeelongPort report to be made public prior to the finalisation of the EES.

Its been a challenge to convey just how big Floating Gas Terminals actually are – but fortunately two of our volunteers were able to help us with this by creating this scale drawing of one to the Geelong Waterfront Skywheel and Cunningham Pier (see below). It truly would be enormous! They have also designed our Campaign logo at the bottom of this email. Thanks Darcy and Jess!

How can you get involved/help?
1. You are strongly encouraged to attend the upcoming Viva EES consultation session on Monday July 12, 5-6pm at Geelong West Town Hall. Its important that people ask the hard questions of Viva in a public forum so they get the message this isn’t a done deal. Lets fill the hall with people who dont want to see this go ahead!

2. Our petition continues to attract support from across Geelong and beyond. Over 550 have signed so far! But we need many thousands to sign up. Please share our petition with your friends/networks.

3. Please print and put up our Geelong Renewables Not Gas poster in your workplaces, community and local businesses to show the community’s concern about this proposal and its impacts.

Best Regards,

Sal Fisher
Climate Action Coordinator – Climate Action
Geelong Sustainability Group

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which I live and work, the Wadawurrung people and pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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