#StopAdani from above: Seeing is conserving

Paul Hoelen, Ken Peters-Dodd, and Paul Nimbahly

Aerial landscape photographers and traditional land owners join forces to #StopAdani

As new coal mines are opened up in Queensland, a collaboration of one of the best landscape photographers in this part of the world with a traditional land owner is using their gifts and abilities for conservation of the endangered landscapes in Australia. The photos will be a resource that everyone working to #StopAdani can use.

Listen to the interview Paul Hoelen, Ken Peters-Dodd, and Paul Nimbahly gave today in The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse about the crowdfunding campaign they have started, Pit to Point Project:

A couple of pensioners who are currently in the camp near Abbot Point have promised $2,000 in support to the project if it goes ahead. The group still needs help to raise another $6,000 to make this happen.

If you’d like to support the project, you can transfer a donation to Permarescue Research Academy Ltd, BSB 062578, account 10316115.
If you can’t kick in yourself, maybe you can share this with your network.

Ken Peters-Dodd is a traditional owner whose country the project is on.

Paul Nimbahly is director of the Permarescue Research Academy Ltd, www.permarescue.org

Paul Hoelen is an award winning photographer, www.paulhoelen.com

Two aerial images taken two weeks ago – similar to what the group is hoping to create with the project from the area.

The image of the pristine reef near the Whitsunday Islands shows it in the healthy state which the group is trying to conserve.

The photo on the right shows a mine in the bowen basin – to portray some of the damage to country we will be looking at with further coal mine development such as the proposed Adani mega mine.

Here is a gallery of images taken to that extent from another recent aerial project by Paul Hoelen with a group of his called The Light Collective:

» Image gallery: www.paulhoelenphotography.dphoto.com

» Group website: www.thelightcollective.com.au

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Permaculture catastrophe management

“Permaculture Bioregional Organisation is the way that we can take responsibility for ourselves and our communities, legally, peacefully and intelligently, right now.”
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» The New Daily – 12 November 2017:
Adani highlights everything wrong with Australian politics today
“A ready explanation of why Australians hold politicians in such low esteem can be found in a solitary word: Adani.”

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