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On 5 December 2014, Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons spoke about tourism and sustainability – and where jobs of the 21st century in his opinion are going to come from – at a launch event for a new EV transport service in Queenscliff, the Bongo Transit.

Here are some excerpts from what is already being referred to as mayor Darryn Lyons’ “sustainable tourism speech”:

“Tourism contributes over a billion dollars to our economy annually. Domestic tourism through the winter in the City of Geelong is up 6.3 per cent since I was elected mayor and the international visitation is up 7.4 per cent. Extraordinary figures in such a short space of time. It provides 3,365 jobs.

With tourism to provide economic growth and provide jobs it is critical that the growth is sustainable, and environmentally sustainable. We can’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Now more than ever people are making conscious choices about the experience and products they undertake while they are on holiday.

71 per cent of TripAdvisor members intend to make green choices a bigger part of their travel decisions. 93 per cent of Conde Nast Traveler readers believe tourism businesses should be responsible for protecting the environment. The tourism industry has had to adapt to sustainable practices in a way that we have never ever seen before. We are seeing more and more accommodation properties installing solar power. I did that within the last month. The “Hang up your towel” cards in hotels are now common place around Australia.

So that is why it is exciting to be here today. To see a company that has taken the idea and run with it. Just like this mayor does. I have an idea and I have many a day. I can’t run with them all because it is a difficult council to run with at times. They don’t want to run with anything. Other than out the back door when I come in.

I cannot wait to see the Bongos in the City of Greater Geelong soon, and they certainly have my full support. I hope that councillors in the City of Greater Geelong see the need and the incredible use of this, and I am look forward to Mik [Aidt] coming to Council and posing that question. So that might be a situation where the councillors might wake up and smell the coffee – as I am right now. Thank you very much.”

Two excited mayors who couldn’t wait to go for their first electric Bongo cruise: Darryn Lyon and Helene Cameron

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Article in Geelong Independent on 5 December 2014

Article in Armstrong Creek Times on 4 December 2014. Republished with permission from the author.

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