Electricity rules not keeping pace with technology

Ty Christopher, Strategic Adviser at Ecojoule, heads the ‘Fix The Voltage’ campaign.

In this podcast interview, Ty explains that the grid is supplying electricity at a voltage higher than that which our devises were designed. With current technology we can adjust this voltage leading to a saving of $108 per year for each consumer, plus a reduction of 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Renew Illawarra branch has a petition to be presented to Parliament requesting a change to policy and reduce the supply voltage to 230V.

A lot of the technology required for this change is manufactured in Australia. The policy change can also assist in the Covid-19 recovery, explains Ty.

We need to:
• Remove demand from the grid
• Increase energy security
• Reduce the cost of electricity generation and supply
• Reduce carbon emissions
• Reduce energy bills for consumers
• Create jobs
How can we achieve all of this at once?
The FixTheVoltage campaign and the Voltsaver Project has an answer to this, says Ty.

Ty Christopher B.E., MBA, is an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in the power industry. He is passionate about reducing green house gas emissions for Australia using innovative, Australian developed technology.

Guest host together with Rusty is Tom Hunt.

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