Cut the carbon. There has never been a better time


Joe Romm writes: “Only very aggressive cuts in carbon pollution could plausibly save our major coastal cities and avoid a trillion-dollar housing bubble crash. And only the unanimous Paris pledge of ever deeper CO2 cuts by the nations of the world can save the America’s breadbaskets in California and the Great Plains from Dust-Bowlification that is irreversible on the timescale of centuries. Turning these regions into Dust Bowls will create endless failed states, violence, conflict, and multiple refugee crises that dwarf Syria’s.”


That graph combined with Joe Romm’s Dust-Bowlification description brings the 2009-movie with Viggo Mortensen, ‘The Road’, back to mind. Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen the movie:

Here’s the full movie:

On Netflix, eight-year-old ‘The Road’ is actually trending at the moment. For good reasons. Not because anyone would want to see a future like this coming – but it is good that more people want to see this movie. It illustrates what the scientists have warned us about for so long: this will be the cost of our carbon addiction. Currently it is exactly what leaders in our society, criminally and knowingly, are pretending can be ignored.

The temperature graph combined with our political reality equals the nightmare that ‘The Road’ illustrates so well. That nightmare is on track to become reality even sooner than we think.

Anyone who would hate to see ourselves or our children in a ‘The Road’-like scenery should understand that this is wake-up time, big time. Closing our eyes and continuing to pollute is no longer an option, even when our political leaders try to make us think its not such a big issue. Again, look at that temperature graph. We need to get off the fossil fuels – now.

That journey is not just about politics – it begins with yourself, with you, your family, friends, colleagues and local community. The choices you make, what you spend your time on, what you buy and where you put your money, who you support and stand up for, what you say… all of that matters now.

» The Guardian – 6 May 2016:
Elon Musk: ‘We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry’
“Tesla chief says educating the public on climate issues is essential in countering oil and gas lobby’s influence over big political decisions”

» ThinkProgress – 11 November 2016:
A Veteran’s Day warning: Trump’s climate policies will create more war, more refugees
“Trump would be creating the perfect conditions for failed states and violence in North America.”

There has never been a better time to cut the carbon.

What we all can do

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