Caroline Danaher’s direct action quest for the climate

A 75-year-old Australian pensioner got inspired by a 15-year Swedish teenager, and hear what happened next…

30-minute radio documentary by The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse about Caroline Danaher’s direct action quest in Geelong, Australia.

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This is the story about what happened when Caroline Danaher took inspiration from the global youth movement, led by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, and the idea of organising #FridaysForFuturestrikes to call for climate action.

Caroline was arrested while she sat at the office of her elected representative in the Australian Parliament, Sarah Henderson.

Shortly after our interviews with Caroline, there was an election to the Australian parliament. Ms Henderson lost her seat to the opposition’s candidate with 2,000 votes. Henderson received a little over 49,000 votes, while the Labor party’s candidate Libby Coker received over 51,000 votes.

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Work for the planet

Caroline Danaher wrote on Facebook:

#Fridaysforfuture needs to be in every town, every week, persistently demanding change by their presence. You are joining all those around the world demanding action.

Stay for an hour with your banner. Hand a letter in stating your concerns. Ask for an interview. Recommend your elected rep, or council, declares a Climate Emergency.

Explain the emergency to those who stop for a chat.

Pat yourself on the back that you have worked for the planet. Take a photo and post on Persistent Presence and other sites.

Go well and feel good you are acting.”

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