Business to governments: Make us change

When Australian business man Dr Andrew Forrest AO spoke at the Boao Forum Asia in Perth, Australia, on 30 August 2023, he was making a powerful and outstanding call for #TheCode. Only he was not aware that this was what he was doing, because he hasn’t heard about it yet. (It’s time to get the word out there!)

“It’s business which will kill your children. It’s business which is responsible for lethal humidity. But it’s policies which guide business. Business guided by government will either destroy or save this planet. Announce laws to render illegal any action which would prevent [mitigation of] global warming. Simple! Make us change.”

Dr Andrew Forrest AO
“The greatest greenwash is that climate change is the fault of the individuals. It isn’t – and heavy industry must change. Dr Forrest visited Oxford University to learn from leading climate scholars and outline our plan to deploy the green solutions which can save the world.”

Below is our transcript of what Dr Forrest – also known as Twiggy – said at the business forum in his unusual speech. Here’s Fortescue Media version.  

“So ladies and gentlemen, if I could take you to the theme of this clean energy. The presentation you’re about to see may explain a lot, particularly to my Fortescue family. If there’s been changes and there’s been a steely discipline about our future when our galloping herd of 20,000, and amongst Minderoo Tatterang another several thousand decide on the future, we stick to that future; individual ambitions become second because what I’m talking about is the course of humanity.

I’d like to take you to something you haven’t heard of. Most of you know that I share a fraternity of scientists around the world who are very concerned that for a long while industry and politics were not listening. They’re now listening, and if it’s too late then there’s nothing we can do.

However I don’t believe that it is. I believe actions now must rule so I want to take you to: What’s the chance of 1.5°C degrees holding?

Secretary General, Vice chairman, I really want to thank you sir for allowing me that wonderful opportunity to address China with the Boao forum for Asia — the first since the pandemic in real life.

I’ve explained 1.5 degrees isn’t out in the distance, it will be this decade; and if El Nino goes bad next year. El Nino went bad. It’s right now. It’s not going to hold – you’re actually living in it.

If you think it’s going to hold, you’ve got a much better shot at sea – one shot in 36.

[Picture of roulette wheel showing]

But this misses the point. What I want to explain to you is an immediate threat — not a future threat. It’s much more lethal than Covid.

I want you to know that I presented this as social media friendly, but don’t think for a second that there hasn’t been scientists all over the world we have consulted with. Scientists from China, Germany, Europe, Asia, United States – everywhere. [Shows slide]

These are just some of the references which have gone into what will seem as more click bait but is in fact deep science, so I’m talking about something which most members of the fossil fuel industry know about this; scientists know about; and they never talk about simply.

(And I’d like the translators if you could just translate the words on the screen if it’s difficult to follow me don’t miss the words on the screen.)

Something else is rising much faster than temperature.

For every one to one [degree] rise in Celsius temperature, we’re getting a seven plus percent rise in this, rising much faster 700 percent. It’s already killing people. Covid stopped killing people so much. This is increasing. We’re all here…. right? We’re healthy. We’re healthy. We’re fine. Right?

No. Mask sanitisation is not going to help you at all. It’s humanity at risk. It’s absolutely at risk – and it’s brought about because we’re now seeing record temperatures all over the world.

As a marine ecologist, I called for heat maps of the oceans.

[Note: Forrest earned his PhD at the School of Biological SciencesUniversity of Western Australia 2019. Thesis: Pelagic Ecology and Solutions for a Troubled Ocean he is also the Founder in 2001, Chairman, and chief benefactor of Minderoo Research Foundation and its Exmouth (marine biology) Research Lab. In its 2022 Annual Financial Report Minderoo’s Net Assets were more than $2.5 billion].

Blue green: nowhere near record, Orange: getting near record, red: record [heat].

The leading indicator of what’s happening on our lands is what’s happening on our oceans. It’s 98% of the world’s livable space. It’s going to lead what’s happening on land.

Those heat maps of the oceans are orange to red. The Antarctic [ice] is collapsing as a result.

It’s coming. Are you safe in the city? Hell no! [If] the air conditioning fails, you’re toast!

If you’re young [and] you work outdoors, are you right? Yeah, cool and covered?

No you’re not right — in fact you’re at extreme risk! So [are] children, grandparents, or the already ill.


It’s called lethal humidity. Known for the organism of the human translated into a thermometer. Just put a [wet] cloth around the bulb of a thermometer and you watch the temperature drop. Take the cloth away [and the temperature] rises.

However, keep the cloth on and raise the humidity through water vapor, it rises as well — calling stops! That’s [what happens to] your body!

Translate that across a very urbanized environment. Air conditioning failing.

Millions of people will die in an unurbanised environment. Where there is no air conditioning millions of people will die. That’s because the temperature has risen to a point that humidity — which is what’s going to kill you — is now going through the roof.

IPCC experts in from China, North America, Australia, Germany – we all recognise this.

Normally your sweat will cool you down but if it’s too humid. Your sweat can’t evaporate [from] your body. Heat can’t escape as you sit here. Your body is churning through energy creating heat right now, [and] if you can’t exhaust that heat… you’re going to cook pretty quickly!

You’re a thermoregulated organism. It’s a survival advantage until global warming…. Now your thermal regulation is not a survival advantage. It’s a survival disadvantage if you can’t get rid of that heat. Because of humidity you cook yourself. Your core temperature starts to rise.

I’m not kidding about any of this! This is proper referenced sites.

At just 35° degrees Celsius with high humidity, death within six hours, that’s been recorded within 15 minutes.

I’m just [speaking] as a scientist [and] we’ve got to be as safe [i.e., conservative] as possible, so I’m saying within six hours – but even temperatures as low as 31 degrees can kill.

Leathal humidity is already here! Please look at the screen [a world map showing locations susceptible to high humidity].

It’s already here from Australia to India to China to North America…. It’s rising for every degree our our planet’s [temperature has] risen 1.5 degrees [this allows the amount of water vapor to rise by 10 percent]. You get a cross between 89 percent [vapor saturation]. There’s scientists much greater than me in this audience [to tell you] that’s enough to go lethal.

It will be the next level pandemic. Ladies and gentlemen we just can’t avoid it unless we can put the handbrake on it. Over the next 10 years it’s going to live with us forever. We do not have the human evolution to survive it.

If you’re not near an air conditioner which is now your only way of surviving, your evolutionary advantage has stopped.

We will be sharing this

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of course, as you can imagine, everywhere, but it’s being launched here at the Boao Forum for China. Because the Boao Forum for China is far from Asia, here in Australia is a very appropriate Forum with brave leaders prepared to see this presentation and be held to account like I am putting myself forward to be held to account. Simply.

In Covid, health systems broke down. You saw what happened. This time you’re not going to get a vaccine team. There’s no cure. The only cure is stopping global warming. Your heart rate accelerates.

I just have to tell you what happens because people are dying of this: You get pounding headache. You get vomiting. Your heart pumps blood at around 400 per cent as to what it’s pumping now.

Within minutes to hours your body temperature rises to very dangerous rate 41 degrees. You’re now on the edge. This is the beginning of the end.

Proteins in your blood start to unravel. They start to unfold, and not just in your blood.

Proteins in every cell of your body start to – what’s called in biological sites – “default”, and they cannot get back into shape.

When that happens to your protein structure – toast. Tiny structures that enable you to survive unravel.

Think of it as an egg. They unravel they don’t come back. You cannot uncook an egg.

That’s happening to your blood proteins if you can’t cool down. You bleed internally. Your blood thickens. Your organs start to fail. Real photos. Real deaths.

I’m afraid, team. This is lethal humidity in front of you.

You have hallucination. Seizures comes. Your heart attack can happen at any time. You struggle to breathe.

If you made it to hospital, great. Well done. You’re in a First World country. What about the other four billion people?

But don’t think making it to hospital is going to be that good for you. You’ll have ‘Ricardo pull me bypass’. Literally.

You have a hose in one end, a hose out the other to take your blood out as quickly as possible, put [into] a refrigerator, and put it back in. You’re more likely to die, though, than live because those proteins do not fold back. If you don’t make it to hospital you die.

Just saying — this is science.

All mammals. So yes, I really feel it for my children, my grandchildren. I feel a very deep responsibility. But the mammalian world – they too are thermo-regulated, and they are not built for this.

The most affected countries: China, India, the United States: where much of the world’s foods come from.

So, I just want [you] to think that one through.

Right? So, if we’re having trouble living, we’re also having trouble growing food. It’s an even bigger problem for the rest of the world; but also West Africa, South America, all of Asia, Australia, Central Europe, and Middle East are impacted by this.

What happens next? Well I can tell you, border walls are not going to help. The Trump walls…. see ya.

Mexican heat wave. I’m talking not yesterday or last year. I’m not talking ancient history. I’m talking what’s happening to you now! This is just June. Africa to Europe is only January this year.

Think across Asia: India — deadly heat in June; Xinjiang, China — deadly heat, 52.2 degrees.

Get to an air conditioner or die!

Extreme floods — very typical of global warming.

Scientists from China told me we had almost 60 to 70 per cent of the previous years rainfall in two days in Beijing.

South Korea – extremely dangerous.

I call this the Stockholm syndrome of humanity. Not of people who are kidnapped, but all of us.

We’re tied to fossil fuels and we think we can’t get out of them – even though they’re killing us. We’re tied to them…. we think we can’t survive without them…. But we can and we must! We are….      

Blame me please!

The origination of global warming – the industrial world is the origination of global warming.

It is completely irrelevant if you want to travel to see your grandmother in Europe or drive here in a car full of energy. Switch on your air conditioner, that’s your absolute right.

It’s my responsibility. It’s our political leaders’ responsibility to ensure that the metals [and] the energy that you have every right to consume are not delivered to you in a form that will kill your children.

You have to hold us to account!

It’s the biggest green wash in the world to blame the public. It’s us.

One major company must go first, so amongst the truckload of criticism, particularly from my friends in the…. well I didn’t want to even go there – but let’s just say a few years back to even now, we’ve decided to go first. It’s essential. I think it’ll be a very positive journey for shareholders. We’re completely decarbonising.

So, this Net Zero….. that was a Faustian bargain (the word “net”) between Brazil and Paris shoved into the agreement by the oil and gas sector. It isn’t real. Fortescue is switching off net credit purchases right now.

I think the rest of the world will realise that most carbon credits are a sham. Real zero is the answer.

Don’t believe what a person says completely.  But completely – what I do believe [is] what a person does.

Our decarbonisation is underway, and we are a big Industrial company — 10 billion ebitda in average commodity prices. We’re going to lead this, but we need every industrial company to follow.

So that’s our balance; we’re creating the green energy to replace fossil fuel, designing green tech to enable real zero.

What we’re doing here now, ladies and gentlemen, is asking China, and the United States, the G20 and India to simply don’t do no more than we’re doing,

This is why this is such an important presentation and why the courageous people here are not me, but are the organisers and the leaders of this conference. They’re the people who are stepping up; they’re the people who are actually putting actions behind the words.

Actions from lips — just words…. they’re just words. What you’re seeing here in the Boao Forum is actions.

Large parts of China, the United States, and India are already warming much faster than the global average.

Lethal humidity conditions are occurring in East China: this is where lethal humidity is right now.

China — North China Plains — China’s food for 400 million in the middle of this region; one of the most densely populated regions of the world — the Yangtze River Valley. Humid!

Southeast China, Shanghai, Wei Thing.

All the great cities in the USA exactly the same.

China, the United States and India are in exactly the same boat; Northern Australia is as well;

Southeast USA is most at risk; Chicago very vulnerable;

India is surrounded by the ocean — very tropical in parts — humid in most of it.

It was explained to me by leading Chinese scientists that the reason why you eat very spicy food in humid parts of China — as was explained to me again this morning by an Indian scientist — exactly the same in India. Very spicy foods – is because we have brought in a practice. A food intake to make us sweat when the humidity conditions could make us die.

We’ve already recorded lethal humidity conditions in East Coast, southwest coast, north coast of India.

[points to heat risk map of India]

This is India… lethal humidity in India at 1.5°C degrees in Black. This is a real and present danger.

Mumbai: 17 million people. New Delhi: 33 million people.

Humid conditions exist right now — you get a heat wave like you’ve had in other parts of the world. Just by pot luck it hasn’t happened in these big cities where so many people cannot get get to air conditioning. Scientific term: “potluck”. You get a heat wave in these humid areas — mass death!

India’s food bowl, the Indo-Gangetic Plains, right in the middle of this.

In Australia, lethal humidity occurs at 1.5°C degrees. The more the planet warms, the more lethal humidity gets.

[points to the screen showing heat maps of the world, published by the IPCC in 2023]

This IPCC 2023… Some countries experience this risk every day of the year; so I’m just saying to leaders — industrial leaders — those going to the G20 go. Those going to APEC. Those coming back to the Balfour for Asia early next year. We can duck this no longer. Actions we need to take are clear. We need to take down all barriers to green energy manufacturing. Coal oil and gas deposits — very interesting, very yesterday, very disposable.

You focus on coal oil and gas deposits — apart from being way out of sync with humanity and what humanity needs, you are so yesterday.

Simply put, the machines to convert the renewable energy which the world has in a square root is more than we’ll ever need — more than we could ever consume.

Renewable energy to every single bit of mobility energy, fixed energy, chemical energy we’ll never need is just capable of being made by machines.

We control that.

We will have no excuse not to do this to fully replace those poisonous deposits with what we can make: Zero harm to the kids!

Include fossil fuel subsidies. They only swallowed seven trillion dollars.

You think you can get in front of government policy and try and do this, when government policies saying, “Yeah, we’d really like you to do it. It gets us voted in, but we’re still going to whack trillions of dollars against you.”

No!  Industry [and] governments, we now must pull together. Seven trillion times death with those subsidies!

Match policy settings to risk. Risk is immediate! Risk is massive! So must our policy settings be.

Immediately support a green armistice right now. I have!

You’d imagine a very good cooperation with the White House, a very good cooperation with New Delhi, a very good cooperation with Beijing.

These three countries are in a geopolitical struggle. It’s blocking the flow of green technologies, critical minerals, collaboration investment. It’s putting a great big handbreak on everything the world needs to do to stop its most lethal threat.

Yet when I ask any of the leaders of those countries what’s going to kill more people in India? Hot war with China?

What’s going to kill more people in North America? A hot war driven by AI or global warming?

What’s going to kill more of your people?

Every single one of those leaders told me the truth: global warming.

So now is the time to recognise that geostrategic struggles which include global warming will kill your people.

Very senior member of those governments have said to me, “If you’re going to get this done, encourage it to be done by APEC”.

What is it? Announce laws…. intention…. to render illegal any action which would prevent [mitigation of] global warming. Simple!

If it gets complicated, as I know all the weenies like to make things really complicated, I can tell you a clever person can make something complicated.

A genius will make it simple.

If this agreement is simple the rest of the world will follow.

It will start to put a handbrake — not on our survival — but a handbrake on that which is killing us: global warming.

Who? President XI,  President Biden,  Prime Minister Modi.

This is what I’d like to put out to you as members of the Boao Forum. This is not my idea, or any single person’s idea.

If this is our idea in the Boao Forum, this is what I ask you to consider during the course of this day and decide: Do we want a member’s resolution of our forum to ask that discussions proceed at the G20.

That intention to proceed with law happens at APEC and that the business people of the world gather BOAO Forum for Asia next year and work out how to do it.

Business people, if we are not fighting with our own governments, [we] can leave this and make it happen…. and that’s what I’m asking [for], a simple agreement led by business.

Fast! Because it’s business.

I need you tonight. It’s business which is causing global warming. It’s business which will kill your children.

It’s business which is responsible for lethal humidity. But it’s policies which guide business.

You must hold us to account!

Don’t let us with our clever advertising blame you, the consumer; or you, the public or individual. That’s rubbish.

Business guided by government will either destroy or save this planet.

Hold us to account, the power of You! Thank you. Make us change. That’s all I’m asking you to do.

Make us change.

Thank you very much.”

Dr Andrew Forrest’s speech was parsed and formatted by William Hall from YouTube’s autogenerated speech to text.

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