Breaking point: Enter the conversation about solutions

Are we arriving at a breaking point in September 2014: a sudden release of amazing enthusiasm and energy because millions of people now have entered the conversation about solutions to our energy crisis, or rather: the problems we create with our air pollution?

Watch this little video-clip to get an idea about why it is we are saying you urgently need to join this conversation now. It will only take you two minutes:

Share this little two-minute clip with your loved ones. Share it with your friends and colleagues. INSIST that they need to spend two minutes of their lives on watching this.

Make sure to have as big a screen as possible and turn up the volume while screening it. BUT!!!! Also have the solutions ready at hand when the clip finishes. For instance:

• One very obvious solution-suggestion that requires no work or money from you is… to put your cross somewhere new on 29 November, that is if you live in Victoria. Put it somewhere climate-conscious. That shouldn’t be too hard.

• Another one could be to start engaging in this issue: learn more, spend time on self-studying.

• A third one: begin to engage others around you in this. Show them this two-minute clip. Engage in a conversation with them about this, spread the word. And if you’d like to do more, invite them to a Kitchen Table Conversation about our energy future. (More about that below)

• A fourth one: sign petitions. Some examples here:
… and click LIKE and join groups on Facebook pages which you find interesting. (Some examples enclosed below)

• And there is so much more you can do… – for instance, just check a list like this one:

• And: take part in events. For instance, join the People’s Climate March on 21 September – it takes place in cities all over the planet.
» In Geelong:

Many other good meetings take place in Geelong in the coming weeks. Don’t miss the Smarter Living Expo at GPAC on 13 September:

All of which cost you nothing but a bit of your time.

There are some good climate campaigns running at the moment – if you live in Western Victoria, Friends of the Earth Australia runs the Yes2Renewables campaign, and GetUp runs a ‘One climate – Our future’ campaign which is just starting up in Geelong region right now. Learn more by joining this group:

If you feel inclined to do more, how about chipping in to help fund Australia’s first citizen-owned solar thermal plant? It will cost $300 million to build, but to get started, the first target is to raise $5 million:

» Read more on:

It is time to break the silence and start speaking with confidence and clarity about the solutions. The solutions are here, and we can make them work without waiting for our elected leaders who have failed us, as they have been blinded by nothing but greed.

This is our breaking point.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Friends of the Earth Melbourne would like to invite you to get together with some family, friends or colleagues to host your own kitchen table conversation. Would you like to take part? Here is what you need to get started:

◦ A ‘how to’ guide for hosting a conversation is available ›

◦ You can register Kitchen Table Conversation at ›

◦ More info is available ›

◦ Any further questions about the Kitchen Table Conversations, please call Leigh on 0406 316 176

The Climate Reality Project wants to

Make a difference in the fight for a safer climate

“We’re at a turning point. Climate solutions are here today and global leaders will act at the U.N. if we make them.”

“This is our time to act. Boldly and bravely. It starts with 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope.
Share this video to invite the world to learn all the reasons we CAN solve the climate crisis.”

» Take the pledge:

» Tweet:  #ClimateHope

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The Sustainable Hour – podcast

» If you’d like to know more about climate safety, then listen to our podcasts on – you can subscribe to them in iTunes, if you go to ‘Podcasts’ and search for ‘The Sustainable Hour’


The video-clip above is a trailer for ‘Disruption’, a climate documentary which premiers in the United States on 7 September — exactly two weeks before the big march in New York City.

If you can’t make the march (which takes places in numerous cities around the planet), you could host or attend a screening of the movie:

» Read more on:

» Register a screening:

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» Facebook is a great tool for connecting, updating and expanding your network and knowledge: Climate Safety Facebook bookmarks

Find solutions

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