Highlights of EV and circular living show

If you are looking for a sign that times are changing and that ordinary Geelong residents as well as businesses, organisations and the City of Greater Geelong municipality are keen to see this change happen must faster than what our state and federal governments currently are lining us up for, the ‘Show and Shine EV and Circular Living’ event at Geelong Showgrounds on 30 April 2022 was a perfect place to experience what this change looks like in real time.

So many smiles, so much enthusiasm and excitement among both the 1,200 people in the audience and the 25 exhibitors and stall holders at this event! Below are a few excerpts of what some of them had to say:

Excerpt from Mik Aidt’s Facebook live-streaming from the event – part 1

Noreen Nicholson, Special Projects Coordinator at Geelong Sustainability, reported:

“The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EV) in the face of high petrol prices was a major drawcard for the 1,200 people who attended last weekend’s Circular Living and EV Show n Shine events at Geelong Showgrounds.

Vicki Perrett, president of event organiser Geelong Sustainability said “with petrol prices so high, people are discovering that electric vehicles may cost more upfront, but they have significantly lower running and maintenance costs. Powering your car from your own rooftop solar has major benefits for your household budget and the environment.” 

Three EVs (a MG, a Nissan Leaf and a Tesla) were available for test drives around the arena. These free test drives were extremely popular, with more than 33 people having their first zero emissions driving experience. The dozen local EV owners displaying their cars were kept busy sharing their experiences and answering questions. 

More than 65 people took an e-bike for a spin around the grounds. Post ride, many were convinced an e-bike would be a worthwhile purchase to lower travel costs and emissions Ms Perrett said.  

Excerpt from Mik Aidt’s Facebook live-streaming from the event – part 2


Introduction to the stalls, before the start

00:35 Interview with Vicki Perrett, president of Geelong Sustainability
08:54 Interview with James from RACV Solar
12:30 Interview with officer from City of Greater Geelong about their EV strategy
15:20 Interview with happy Hyundai Ionic 5 owner

VIDEO 2 – 34:19 minutes

00:15 Acknowledgement of Country by Geelong Climate Choir
07:45 Vicki Perrett, Geelong Sustainability, about Circular Living Challenge
12:00 Intro to Cloth Nappies by Laura McConville from Australian Cloth Nappy Rental
23:45 Tour around at the venue
29:00 Going outside -> Good Cycles bike and e-bike expo
32:23 Interview with Good Cycles about e-bikes

VIDEO 3 – 28:12 minutes

00:00 Doug Rolfe from Electric Dream Machine: “ICE-to-EV conversion”
(Doug’s introduction to the presentation was filmed separately
22:33 Interview with Dan Cowdell, Geelong Sustainability CEO

VIDEO 4 – 16:28 minutes

00:00 John Paul Taberdo from Good Cycles: “How to choose the right bike”

Event coordinator, Jess Hobbs was delighted that the event was almost waste free with many people bringing their own reusable cup or using one supplied.

“Tallying waste at the end, there was only one kilogram of recyclable items (mainly milk bottles) and a mere 250 grams of material that went to landfill,” Ms Hobbs said. 

Councillors Jim Mason and Anthony Aitken attended the Show, which was supported by a City of Greater Geelong Environment Sustainability Grant.

The Council also displayed a Kangoo e-van and a ride-on e-mower from its growing electric fleet.

Staff from the Council’s Anakie compost facility gave away more than 100 sample bags of premium compost.