What are we thinking?

According to a recent Gallup poll, a significant majority of the Danish population – 68 per cent – lost faith that world leaders will be able to solve the problems of global warming over the next 50 years, and nearly as many – 65 per cent – believe that the world in the coming 50 years will be more filled with conflicts than predominantly over the previous 50 years. Almost every second Dane – 47 per cent – disagree that politicians will be able to create a better society for the next generation.

So… what kind of a ‘happy’ new year is that? What are we thinking?

I am thinking that the solutions obviously must come from somewhere else. Currently I am in a slow process of contemplating over how our new opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and creating a sense of community on the Internet can be brought in the game here. I actually believe we can develop a global project, which can join a lot of good ideas and the right energy to kick-start that change which we – and most particularly: our children, and the next generations – so badly need.

With Anoushka Shankar’s words, and in Mahatma Gandhi’s spirit: “Each new day, today especially, is an opportunity to start anew, with hope and resolve to be the change I wish to see in the world.” (http://www.facebook.com/AnoushkaShankar)

I believe this is the key and where the solution can be found with the internet as our media. Be the change you wish to see.

Happy new year!
May it become a better one.