The benefits of wind energy – explained by people who know first hand

Sadly for Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his coal-mates have turned out to be eager to sabotage the national wind turbine industry, costing thousands of lost jobs and tonnes of carbon emissions. But the rest of Australia really should be listening to what these good folks in Ohio have to say about their experiences with wind energy.

The 7:51 minutes video ‘Harnessing the Wind’ was produced by the Ohio Environmental Council and published on on 14 November 2014.

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“If you ask wind farm host Charlie Prell, a farmer from the small NSW town of Goulburn, what the government could do to support farmers, he’d say it’d be keeping a solid, stable renewable energy target.”

The 0:30 minutes video ‘Rural Australia and the Renewable Energy Target’ was produced by GetUp! and published on on 1 December 2014.