Danish energy company gets emotional about climate change

“CO2 – the black bastard”, says a headline on the webpage about the films

The Danish energy company SE has produced six for an energy company rather unusual – sometimes emotional, sometimes humourous and a bit silly – short-films about climate change, climate despair and climate solutions, asking: “WTF DO WE DO WITH CLIMATE”

“Please give Denmark’s Leonardo DiCaprio a warm reception! Magnus Millang has thrown himself into the climate struggle…”

• 30 sec trailer:

These are the first three of the segments of the series – all with English subtitles:

• Part 1: Is it really that bad?

• Part 2: The train ride

• Part 3: The brilliant idea


The Danish energy and telecommunications group SE wants to focus on and create dialogue about climate change. They wish to help emphasising that we all can contribute to making a difference for the climate and in a joint effort make the world a better place.

With the six short and humourous documentaries – meant to be for inspiration and reflection as well as entertainment for the viewers – they take a closer look at climate change from different angles.

“We can see now that sales of organic food increases, and in SE we experience here in 2017 that three out of four electricity customers choose to purchase our Medvind (‘Tailwind’), which means energy from wind turbines. Our goal with these documentaries is not to be pointing fingers, but we want to touch on people’s conscience and inspire them to take responsibility for our common environment. Because there’s actually a lot we can do as individuals,” says SE’s communication and marketing director Liselotte Bauer Mols.

“We do not think we can save the planet with six films, but many small creeks make a big river. We can hopefully revive a debate that has been lying very still lately and get the Danes to be more climate-conscious about all the choices they make in their daily lives and all the climate choices we make as a society,” Liselotte Bauer Mols said.

Magnus Millang and his brother Emil

“Danish DiCaprio aims to save the planet”

Together with his brother Emil, Magnus Millang sets out to explore just how disastrous the state of the climate is in Denmark. The films also focus on the dilemmas we face when we want to live with a smaller CO2-footprint without sacrificing our lifestyle.

How far south can you travel by train, if the travel time must not be longer than that of a flight? Can you convert your petrol-driven car to an electric car? And how hard do you need to work if you want to be known as the Danish answer to Leonardo DiCaprio?

Magnus Millang and the viewers are exposed to various dilemmas in terms of what is climate-friendly and what is not. Whether we drive an electric car, eat lots of beef or fly when we go on holiday, it all has an impact on our shared climate.

WTF is SE?

SE is a modern energy and telecommunications group in Denmark which supplies electricity, energy-efficiency, fiber broadband and cable tv to over 650,000 customers. SE Group has it roots in Esbjerg in Southern Denmark, but the group’s 1,200 employees work at different locations throughout the country.

SE is a cooperative, and they make a virtue of reinvesting their profits in the community, which the company is a part of. They write on their Facebook page: “We take responsibility for pulling society in a positive direction, and our commitment rests on openness, proximity, courage and sustainability.”

SE – formerly known as Syd Energi, which means South Energy – is also one of Denmark’s largest operators of onshore wind turbines, and their head office just happens to be Denmark’s largest Energy Plus building and a certified Passive House of 10,500 square metres. In October 2013, the building won an environmental award as the best environmental product in Scandinavia. Its ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling is all powered by solar panels on top of the house.

» More information about SE’s business and values ​​on www.se.dk – in Danish language

» Campaign Facebook page in Danish language:

» Campaign page in Danish language on SE.dk:

» Article in Danish language: Dansk Markedsføring – 15 March 2017:
Komiker vil redde planeten… (‘Comedian wants to save the planet’)

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Film crew

Director: Magnus Millang
Scriptwriter: Emil Millang
Producer: Sigurd Bæk Jensen
Photographer: Martin La Cour
Sound: Thomas Gulyas
B-photographer: Esben Frese
Editor: Jakob Ølgaard
Grade: Boaz Heller
Sound: Cornelis Thaarup Hedtoft
Research: Søren Øhlers / Sebastian Myrup Hansen
Production manager: Newroz Yildirim
Production coordinator: Simon Friis Clemmensen
Media/PR Agency: AOL/Be On
Campaign manager: Louise Brogaard
Account director: Jakob Stigler

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An oil and gas company goes green

Here is the story about an oil and gas company that went green and showed the world not only that it is possible, but profitable. We shouldn’t be digging for coal or drilling for oil and gas any longer – it is risky, expensive, and we don’t even need it.

Coal companies like Adani will learn this the hard way if they keep ignoring the reality – which is that the threat of global warming makes the switch over to renewables for electricity production more urgent than ever. Scientists have been warning us about this in more than 50 years, we are passing dangerous tipping points and and we are already seeing the consequences.

“It’s an astonishing transformation. It is hard to think of many other oil and gas companies that have made as big a shift as Dong has away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.”
~ Jens Houe Thomsen, analyst at the Danish Jyske Bank, about DONG Energy (DONG stands for ‘Danish Oil and Natural Gas’)

“Few have done anything as radical as Denmark’s Dong Energy. (…) The Danish state set up the company 45 years ago and it became a regional player in the North Sea before expanding into the European electricity-generating market. Over the past decade, however, it has gradually turned its back on oil, gas and coal to become a champion of green energy. It is now the world’s largest offshore wind farm company, having built more than a quarter of the capacity in operation globally — it installed its 1,000th sea-based wind turbine last year. Meanwhile, it is preparing to sell off its oil and gas business this year after floating on the Copenhagen stock exchange in 2016.”

» Financial Times – 17 March 2017:
Denmark’s Dong Energy shifts from fossil fuels to renewables
“Energy group’s transformation has been rapid and, so far, financially astute”