Global call for unity: Standing with the world on our shoulders

‘Resolution Song’ brings together voices from all over the world in a demonstration of global unity and a call for action to protect the planet.

The project was created by Planet Resolution and an album and video was released as part of Music Declares Emergency’s ‘Turn Up The Volume’ music industry climate action week in the United Kingdom in April 2022.

With at least one version of the song from every country on Earth, the scale of engagement with this unique project is truly astonishing, ranging from world famous artists to village singing groups.

“Resolution represents hope. It is an expression of global unity and a celebration of diversity. Resolution is a living, breathing example of the kind of global collaboration that we need to solve the planetary emergency.” 

Abbey Wright

The project sees Mongolian nomadic farmers stand alongside the Georgian National Opera, those working on the frontline in areas already under threat from climate impacts next to LGBTQ+ groups from Beijing and Poland. Videos submitted by participants take us from the lush grass of Easter Island to a refugee camp in SIerra Leone, the road outside the White House to the rice fields of Guinea-Bissau in what can truly be described as a global moment.

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Here’s how you can join the #planetresolution movement:
🎤 SING and record your version of Resolution Song
🎶 SHARE your version (or a favourite you’ve seen) using #planetresolution and #nomusiconadeadplanet
👉 NOMINATE your friends to sing
💚 Most importantly – make a PLANET RESOLUTION!

You can listen to the Planet Resolution album on all streaming platforms.

Abbey Wright wrote about the project as Earth Day was approaching in April 2022:

“Back in 2019, I met up with some people from Extinction Rebellion. We sat in a bar on The Cut near Waterloo station in London and talked about this exciting new global movement for change. I remember nervously saying, “Imagine people in every country in the world singing the same song. Maybe because of my background in theatre, I think that the stories we tell through art, music, politics and the media have the power to change our world. That night, we talked about the history of protest songs, had a few drinks and decided to give it a go. 

From there, I met with friends at Decca and at WWF International, and before we knew it, a song was written, a brilliant song created in a workshop with Violet Skies, Holly Fletcher and Robin Howl. They graciously waived all their rights to the Resolution Song, making the theory of global participation a possibility. 

Song in hand, I assembled a team of tenacious volunteers and we started reaching out to musicians across the world to make their own versions of the song. The idea was stolen from the folk tradition; every time someone sang the song in a new place, it took on a new language, a new style, a new identity. 

We launched the project at the UN Climate Conference in December 2019 and then, well, we all know what happened next. Over the last two years we have been utterly gobsmacked by the range of phenomenal musicians and activists who have come together representing all corners of the globe.  

 From a girl band in Benin to a drill group in Brazzaville, Congo to the Kuikuro people in the Amazon; a
Mongolian nomadic herder, the Georgian State Opera Chorus, panpipers from the Solomon Islands and refugees from Eritrea, Iran and Syria. The song has been sung on the frontlines of climate change in San Andrés, Mozambique, the Marshall Islands, the Antarctic, Haiti and The Maldives; places that will cease to exist in the next 20 years if we don’t act now. 

Here in the UK the NHS Choir has joined Resolution, along with the sensational Choir With No Name. These guys make music with people who have lived experience of homelessness all over the UK. Their version of the song is uplifting and really wonderful.