Preference poll: The sustainable anthem of 2018

“The time has come!” The sustainable revolution is happening, and the youth are coming out – making sit-ins and going on school strike for the climate.

So we’re saying: Just like the youth revolution back in the 1960s had its anthems, where is the ‘sustainable anthem’ or ‘climate action song’ for the youth revolution of 2018?

We have selected 11 candidates – but to find the right one, we need to hear YOUR opinion:

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11 candidates

Listen to the 11 songs in The Sustainable Hour no 241:

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Broadcast on The Pulse: If you live in Geelong region, you can listen to this program on 94.7 FM on Thursday 8 November at 11am to 12pm. On your computer or smart phone you can listen to the live streaming here.

How to do the poll

1. Drag each line to the place where you’d like it to sit in the ranking order.
Your favourite song should be on top of the list.

2. When you are done, click on the ‘Finish Survey’ button below the lines.

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