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4 weeks ago

I like climate safety

In its first 24 hours on Facebook, this video interview with Caroline Danaher reached 6,108 people, was viewed over 3,100 times, and had 1,699 engagements (sharing, liking, commenting).

Congrats to Caroline Danaher - that kind of interest certainly tells the story that even though it might LOOK like it at times, you are NOT ALONE and you are an inspiration to others.

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The Sustainable Hour
Caroline Danaher is Geelong's persistent climate action campaigner, who every Friday sits in front of her local Member of Parliament’s office in support of Greta Thunberg’s #FridaysForFuture school strike. She says she will continue to do this if necessary until she dies.

Caroline Danaher wants to remind her local MP, Sarah Henderson, that we are in a climate emergency, and that we need to do something about it. She hopes many other will start doing the same in front of the office of their own local MP – in particular in these months where we have an election coming.

» Caroline Danaher's Facebook page ‘Climate:ChangeNow’:

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Below is a full transcript of the video interview with Caroline Danaher about what inspired her to become so persistent:

“I’m Caroline Danaher – just an ordinary pensioner, who’s been involved with issues about the climate for many years now.
But the climate strike particularly re-energised me in a different way, because I felt that politicians were not taking notice. They were actually quite dismissive of the children and indeed they were in fact dismissive of everybody. I thought: I need to do something else, and I’d read about this girl in Sweden, who is 15 and she sits outside her Parliament... Originally I thought I’d go up to the State Parliament [in Melbourne] and sit there, and then I thought: from the Bellarine? This is pathetic. Canberra? This is even more useless, I can’t do that either.
However I can go and sit outside my local MP’s office, at Sarah Henderson’s, because she is my politician, and I can actually have some say, or meaning that I feel I can have a personal relationship with her and I just thought, I’ll just come and I’ll do it on Fridays, because that is when the school strikes are happening, and it will mean something to other people.
I came the first Friday and it was over 44°C degrees and I had no idea it was that hot, but people came by and spoke to me and said they agreed with me that this had to change, and I’ve since had so much support from so many people that it has completely blown me away.
I will continue to do this if necessary until I die.
However there is an election coming up this year and I feel we have a gift, because we can make a difference this year, if we all take a little step and we can actually do something and I think, as Noam Chomsky said, it is the small persistent steps that are needed and if we make a personal contribution by talking to our own Members of Parliament, our own Senators that this is no longer something that we can leave. It has been going on now for years and we need to do something about it.
Look at the drought we have had and the fish dying in the Murray Darling. I lived in Dubbo for 13 years. I cannot believe that beautiful river is in such a state. I live on the Bellarine. I actually live right on the coast. If you want to find out what is happening to your coastline you can go onto Mapping Choices and see what will happen if we go beyond 1.5°C if we go to 2°C or we go to 4°C.
I could not believe that my home town London will be completely devastated in many, many areas and I’m sure if you go around the world you can home in on one area. You can see what a difference it will make and so we need to act.
We cannot just pretend this it is not happening.
I’m hoping that, not that we gather a whole lot of people here, at this particular place. I’m hoping that everyone over Australia, all of Australia, will actually engage with their own politician and they can then, as we have done today, create a network so if I’m run over by a bus tomorrow, somebody else will be here next week.”

» Connect with Caroline Danaher on the Facebook page she runs, called ‘Climate:ChangeNow’:

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#PersistentClimateAction #ActOnClimate #ClimateAction #Climate_ChangeNow

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1 month ago

I like climate safety
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2 months ago

I like climate safety

15-year-old tells world leaders they're not doing enough to solve climate change 👏👏👏
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3 months ago

I like climate safety

“We need action on Climate Change and we need it fast! Who’s going to join me to sit on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Nov 30th at midday for the #schoolstrike #climatestrike?” Alex Marshall, (19) tells us why she’s passionate about making a difference and why she leading CACE - Community Action for the Climate Emergency.

“I got involved with an organisation called Generation Waking Up and that’s where I learnt how serious and immediate the effects of global warming are; and that we truly are in a state of #climateemergency.

“The aim of CACE is to support our local councils in declaring a climate emergency and acting accordingly. It’s a grassroots movement, we hope that with enough councils making declarations, state and federal governments will follow suit and that’s where massive change can be made.

“And it can be done! Check out the CACE website at to see the fantastic work that Darebin City Council is still doing nearly two years after the declaration.

“In terms of the climate crisis in general, there are so many things you can do. On an individual level, the ultimate goal to help in the climate emergency would be to go off grid, zero waste and vegan. Obviously, that’s not achievable overnight (I’m definitely not fully there) and for some people, not at all. But if you can do anything to get closer e.g. use a water tank, solar panels, shop local, avoid excess packaging, grow food and cut down on meat, then that’s fantastic.

“In terms of CACE, check out their website, see what it’s all about. To join in the City of Greater Geelong or Surf Coast Shire Council campaign email me at

“There’s always heaps of campaigns and petitions going on such as the upcoming day of inaction:
(Get more info here:
The ‘Fight for the Bight’ and ‘Big Oil Don’t Surf’,
One way I like to stay up to date with these things is by listening to the The Sustainable Hour:

“In order to have a meaningful impact on the climate crisis, we must act in as many ways as we can, individually, at a peer/business level, council, state, federal and international levels. Everyone can play a part, no matter how young, old, physically or intellectually able, your social, professional or educational background whatever. YOU can fight against the extinction of humanity.” #extinctionrebellion

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: supplied
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