Learning hub for regeneration

The Regen Learning Hub is a free education resource with over 100 cross curriculum lessons catering to all levels from primary through to adult learning. It’s for teachers, parents, students, community groups… anyone who wants to learn about nature-based and regenerative solutions to heal our future.

Explore the Regen Learning Hub here: learn.theregenerators.org

Re-imagine what the future could look like
The lessons are based on Damon Gameau’s films – 2040, Rachel’s Farm, Regenerating Australia, and The Oyster Gardener – and cover every aspect of regeneration and our climate.

Topics of study span the spectrum from the future of transport, food and energy, to regenerative design and nature based solutions.

They’re the perfect resource to inspire students around the careers of the future and re-imagine what the future could look like if we focus on solutions.

“Over a million students in Australia have been taught the 2040 curriculum showing the huge appetite that teachers have to show their students solutions so they can get them excited about the careers of the future.”
~ Damon Gameau

“Dive in and help us spread the word widely, so we can continue the terrific momentum of the regeneration movement,” says Damon.

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