Environmental awareness – building a map

Here is how you can contribute to build up a global map of environmental awareness.

If we want to improve environmental awareness, it is important to understand the current situation: what is the level of environmental awareness in different countries today – and which factors affect this?

Today, simply put, the basic problem is the lack of a universal method for measuring environmental awareness.

To overcome this challenge, a special internet-based expert survey has been created in the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. It makes it possible to compare the state of environmental awareness globally.

You can give your valuable opinions and help building up the map of environmental awareness by clicking here

In the survey, you will find statements relating to your home country and four other countries.

Specifically for India, there is a survey set up to compare environmental awareness in different states of India. If you live in India, click here

People’s different environmental world views affect to their activities. You can make a self-analysis on how your environmental world view is – as compared to many well-known politicians and other famous people – by clicking here

Pekka Harju-Autti, who is conducting the study, says the work is proceeding very well, but also that he is finding it quite challenging to get enough answers from environmental experts around the world.

So, please: spread the word – and encourage your friends and collages to participate to it.

The results
The results of the survey with be published in October or November 2013. If you are interested to see the global results, please send your email address to Pekka.Harju-Autti@ymparisto.fi and you will get the results right away when they are ready.


In this short video interview, I asked Pekka to explain why his is doing this survey:


• Facebook page for the survey: Environmental awareness in the World