The Climate Revolution: Beyond Zero


“From those to whom much is given, much is expected.”
~ Mary Gates, mother of computer entrepeneur Bill Gates, in a toast at Bill and Melinda Gates’ wedding

We need nothing less than a climate revolution, and that revolution begins in your head. Enter our new podcast series, The Climate Revolution.

Welcome to the second episode, where we focus on business leadership in the climate emergency.

Nathan Havay, co-founder of the Institute for Corporate Transformation and director of the film ‘Beyond Zero’, has an exciting, inspirational and transformative story to tell – about how business can play a leading role in reversing carbon emissions to Climate Take Back.

“Sustainability does not cost. It pays.”
~ Ray Anderson, former CEO of Interface

Podcast content – in order of appearance
00:05 Mike Ryan, WHO
00:17 Opening film for the UN Climate Ambition Summit on 13 December 2020
01:40 John Kerry, United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
02:25 Mik Aidt’s introduction to the hour
08:10 Nathan Havay, director of the film ‘Beyond Zero’
10:18 Audio excerpts from the film
50:46 Leen Zevenbergen: The Next Frontier: Circularity, Consumers and Behaviour Change

00:00 Alex Aidt: Icecream (also at 04:27, 1:01:30)
02:39 New Oddyssey (also 1:04:49)
03:42 Wayne Jones: Resolution (also at 1:03:52)
05:41 Dan Henig: Violet Spirit
06:02 Oleg Byonic: The Sting
1:06:03 Pernilla Aidt: Blue Sky
A big thank you to the musicians for allowing us to use this music in the podcast.

Film tip
Australians can watch the movie ‘Beyond Zero’ until 15 March, because it is featured in the Transitions Film Festival – which ends on 15 March. Tickets sell at $12 dollars for online access, so you can watch it from your computer or tv screen at home.

Podcast tip
If you liked Leen Zevenbergen’s presentation, have a listen to his podcast, B-Talk, on Spotify.
Episode #10, for instance, is about a CEO who made a successful, but dramatic remake of a multinational company – with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a compass.

Listening tip
If you think an hour-long podcast is too long for you, we recommend you think about it diffently. The overall idea with us doing these long podcasts (we’ve done 375 of them by now, and they are all one hour long) is that our listeners listen to them for instance when they are in transport – sitting in a car or train – and press the pause button in the podcast player when they reach their destination. And then press play and listen onwards next time they are back in transport. In other words, cut it up in smaller bits suitable to you. You, not we, decide where to make the breaks yourself. 

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How business can play a leading role in reversing climate change

“If a company with no roadmap for how to make progress can achieve what Interface has achieved, then every other company on Earth can – and must – do the same.”

Matters Journal sat down with Director of the film ‘Beyond Zero’, Nathan Havey, to discuss how business can play a leading role in reversing climate change.

→

“Renewables are on track to overtake fossil fuels as the world’s largest source of electricity within five years, and investors continue to flock to sustainable energy as the must-own asset of the future.

Major companies continue to make pledges to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprints. At the start of this year, Apple announced it is modifying executive bonuses based on environmental values in 2021. Microsoft also recently took major action and pledged to become a carbon-negative company within 10 years. As part of this effort, it launched an Azure cloud region in Norway, which is quickly gaining traction as a go-to nation for sustainable business. As the site of the world’s largest green data center, Norway provides an ideal home for businesses seeking a more sustainable future.”

→ Forbes – 4 February 2021:
Sustainability In 2021: Everything Companies Should Know

→ Certified B Corporation – 8 February 2021:
How Patagonia and Allbirds Set the Pace on Their Journey as Sustainable Leaders
“B Corps Tackle the Impending Climate Crisis While Sharing Innovative Practices and Materials”
– Discussions around business’s role in solving global and social issues.

‘Vision2050 – Time to Transform: How business can lead the transformations the world needs’ is Business Council for Sustainable Development’s new framework to guide the actions and shifts in mindsets needed for 9+ billion people to live well, within planetary boundaries, by 2050.

“In 2010, Business Council for Sustainable Development published our original ‘Vision 2050’, calling for a world in which more than 9 billion people can live well, within planetary boundaries by mid-century. This vision is still within reach – but we have to act faster. We have a unique, but rapidly closing window of opportunity for action in the decade ahead. The global business community has the power to turn this vision into reality.

We have updated Vision 2050 to provide the business community with comprehensive, reliable and ambitious guidance on how it can lead the transformations the world urgently needs. Exploring new thinking and diagnosing past failures, Vision 2050 offers a framework for action in the decade ahead that is practical, grounded in reality, and designed to help companies drive change in their sustainability planning and business strategies.”

→ Read more:

Download the PDF-document

Climate revolutionaries unite

“Climate for all – all for climate!”

Welcome to the Climate Emergency Room – sometimes it is a War Room, at other times it is a Club Room. We focus on green recovery, truth and value restoration, clarity of direction and strategy, story change in the next elections, carbon drawdown, and real, transformative, regenerative and generous action on the climate emergency.

Are we ready to shift our mindset and choose a different future? I am. If you are too, let’s meet.
And I don’t mean physically, for now, but in The Tunnel – the digital tunnel.

We have a members’ area on which is growing little by little. Its a space for figuring out how we can – and sometimes must – act as individuals and as a community in a climate emergency.

The choices we make right now matter. Our words matter. Have a positive think about how you will step in and become part of a regenerative and transformative renewal of our thinking.

It’s all happening in ‘The Tunnel’ that the Covid-19 crisis created for us. What each of us need to do, is to prepare for all the action we will launch at various levels as soon as we come out on the other side.
~ Mik Aidt

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