Launch of Geelong’s new 30-year vision

The launch event included a ceremony to bury a time capsule near City Hall, to be opened in 2047

On 30 August 2017, ministers and members of the Victorian parliament gathered together with the Geelong administrators at the city hall for the launch of the ‘Clever and Creative Future’ vision for Geelong. Finally, after 18 months of work and consultation with over 16,000 Geelongians, we have it in front of us as a 36-page document on paper, for everyone to read and share.

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But that’s not enough for the administrators, who wish to ensure that this particular future vision will not be forgotten as the years go by. They have now buried a copy in a capsule in the cement right in front of city hall.

You can listen to excerpts from the speeches held at the launch ceremony below.

Uncle BrianNatalie HutchinsKathy AlexanderKelvin Spiller

Uncle Brian

Uncle Brian (left) with Council CEO Kelvin Spiller

Uncle Brian is Aboriginal elder. He welcomes the attendees with an Aboriginal smoking ceremony – one minute excerpt

Natalie Hutchins

Hon Natalie Hutchins is the Victorian government’s Minister for Local Government.

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Bernadette Uzelac, CEO of Geelong Chamber of Commerce – “The Voice of Business in Geelong” – tweeted:

Kathy Alexander

Dr Kathy Alexander has been Chair of Administrators in City of Greater Geelong since the previous council was sacked.

Kelvin Spiller

Kelvin Spiller picks up the inscription platter

Kelvin Spiller is CEO of City of Greater Geelong. He talks about what is put inside the time capsule – for people to look at in 30 years from now.

Geoff Russell was MC at the event – he is ‎manager of the Corporate Communications and Marketing Services at City of Greater Geelong

“The Geelong Chamber of Commerce encourages all candidates in the upcoming council election to embrace the city’s 30-year vision and ensure this important community- endorsed plan is actioned and serves to underpin the city’s future strategic direction.

As our city rapidly progresses into a new economy driven by innovation, technology, professional services, entrepreneurialism and the visitor experience, the community of Geelong deserves nothing less than a council that reflects the values and aspirations of its citizens and businesses as we continue to build upon Geelong’s important role as the capital of our region and a magnet for future population and jobs growth.”
~ Kylie Warne, president of Geelong Chamber of Commerce

More about the Clever and Creative Future vision

Read and listen to more interviews, reports and comments about the ‘Our Future’ project, which lead to the vision document ‘A Clever and Creative Future’

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    1. @Kevin : You may be right, but you might also be wrong. We will find out as the years go by.

      You are right in the sense that this is all about good intentions and high hopes – there is no firm legislation behind the words and figures in this vision paper.

      On the other hand, the changes Geelong needs to see in the next three decades are at a scale where we will have to come more together as a community in order to make these things happen successfully. We need to begin to talk together about where we are heading and why.

      In that light, more talk is not bollocks. It is necessary.

      People can’t work together, or simply won’t feel like it, if they don’t have an initial talk about their goals and visions. Something to get the energy and motivation up. Something that visualises what could be possible IF we took up the challenge to collaborate on it…

      This vision paper is an important gift to the new Council. Now it is up to us as residents to hold them accountable to it as time goes by. That responsibility begins for each uf us when we make our decisions on the voting card.

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