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Our entrance prayer: Earth, teach me

Earth, teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light
Earth, teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory
Earth, teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning
Earth, teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young
Earth, teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone
Earth, teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground
Earth, teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky
Earth, teach me acceptance ~ as the leaves that die each fall
Earth, teach me renewal ~ as the seed that rises in the spring
Earth, teach me to forget myself ~ as melted snow forgets its life
Earth, teach me to remember kindness ~ as dry fields weep with rain

~ Ute Indian prayer, North America

Renewal. Love of life. The climate revolution

Welcome climate sisters and climate brothers, welcome to the climate revolution. This Tunnel is for those of us who seek complete carbon clarity in our own lives and work for a renewal of direction and strategy in the so far miserably failed global movement for a safe climate.

You don’t have to be a munk, or a scientist for that matter, to understand that something needs to radically change, and that this change must begin with ourselves at the same time as we work for systemic change at all levels of government – as well as within the so-called ‘climate movement’, which consists of hundreds of thousands of well-meaning volunteers and professionals doing their bit to make this world a safer and better place for everyone to live, but achieving much too little in comparison with the powerful and polluting forces of Big Money.

Our house is on fire. Beds are burning. The time is now: We need to go deeper and aim higher – at the same time.

This is what this carbon clarity clubhouse is about. So welcome. All for climate – climate for all.

The climate emergency and where we are going

On 25 April 2020, Mik Aidt gave this one-hour presentation via Zoom for a group called Beneath the Wisteria in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, where the city council recently declared a climate emergency. They are currently contemplating what they can do as a community group to assist the council with its climate emergency mobilisation.

Part 1 is about history and the background for the climate emergency movement:

26 minutes Part 1: 2016-2019: What does it mean to declare a climate emergency?

Part 2 of the recording touches on thoughts about what will be required of the climate action movement in the time to come

28 minutes Part 2: 2020: Where to from here? What’s needed?

Bruno Latour’s questions

“What protective measures can you think of so we don’t go back to the pre-crisis production model? Latour lists the critical questions that we could, each one of us, be asking ourselves. The first is simply which of the currently suspended activities would I not want to see coming back? ”

Parliament of Dreams – 26 April 2020:

Where to land after the pandemic?

“Let’s take advantage of the enforced suspension of most activities to set out the inventory of those among them we would like to see not come back and those, on the other hand, that we would like to see developed.

It will be all the more useful if the inventory relates to actually lived personal experience. The point is therefore not trying to name abstract entities over which we have little control (capitalism, the “system”, oil in general, etc…) but to start from extremely precise cases encountered in your daily life.

This is neither a questionnaire nor a poll. It is an aid to “self-description”, being an exercise that starts with your concerns and attachments, and goes on to describe your means of subsistence.”

Answer the questions here

Center for Action and Contemplation – 26 April 2020:

Between two worlds
It would be difficult to exist in this time of global crisis and not feel caught between at least two worlds—the one we knew and the one to come. Our consciousness and that of future generations has been changed. We cannot put the genie back in the bottle. (…) In liminal space, we descend and intentionally do not come back out or up immediately. It takes time but this experience can help us reenter the world with freedom and new, creative approaches to life.”  

“The shock of a pandemic was . . .  overwhelming and foreboding. Spinning out of control, my life seemed to shrink and dissolve as I knew it. Now, as the days pass, sheltering in place has provided a rhythm for more creative arts, breath in nature and pausing in solitude. For that I give thanks.” 
~ M. Patrevito

Australian Greens:
Climate action starts with political donations reform

→ Bloomberg – 24 April 2020:
How Coronavirus Will Forever Change Airlines and the Way We Fly
”From air fares to destinations to cabin layouts, things may look very different once we start traveling again.”

→ Resilience – 24 April 2020:
One World 1
“Before they die, our cell phones shift into a low-power mode in which they shut down non-essential functions to conserve energy. This is similar to our COVID-19 response. While the economy is in a recession we should update our operating systems and prepare for a comprehensive reboot. Below is a rough sketch.”

How to shift your mindset and choose your future

When it comes to big life problems, we often stand at a crossroads: either believe we’re powerless against great change, or we rise to meet the challenge. In an urgent call to action, political strategist Tom Rivett-Carnac makes the case for adopting a mindset of “stubborn optimism” to confront climate change — or whatever crisis may come our way — and sustain the action needed to build a regenerative future. As he puts it: “Stubborn optimism can fill our lives with meaning and purpose.”

→ Below2C – 24 April 2020:
NORMAL is Cancelled Due To COVID Pandemic
“We’ve identified the problem. Now is the time for hope. The pieces of the puzzle are in place. We have the solutions. We have the chance to do something special and re-create our system of commerce. As they say, a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Have you considered building an ecosystem restoration camp in your community?

Camps can be initiated, developed and operated by any person, group of people, organisation, or other institution that wants to restore degraded land.

The goal of Ecosystem Restoration Camps is to help local communities establish camps across the world in order to support planetary scale ecological restoration through local action.

Our new Becoming an Ecosystem Restoration Camps document explains the key requirements for becoming a camp, and how we will support your project at each stage.

We will:
✅ Help you think through your plan
✅ Help you in establishing and operationalising the needed infrastructure
✅ Help you in obtaining volunteers and other visitors to your camp
✅ Support you in developing a scientifically sound and effective ecosystem restoration plan

Please remember that we are a membership based organisation, so the camps that are able to support the movement with bringing in new members will be prioritised!

By creating a camp you will be leading the change that is needed to heal our world. Join Ecosystem Restoration Camps and become a part of the solution!

Download PDF

Ecosystem Restoration Camps Facebook group

→ Consider becoming a member of ecosystemrestorationcamps.org

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