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Most of this would – in a normal world that responded to the threat of climate change – be such a no-brainer that it wouldn't even be considered a 'political' plan. This, and more, is what needs to happen – with full cross-party support from the majority of Parliament. ... See MoreSee Less

We need Renew Australia, an independent public authority, to break the government's paralysis on energy. It's time to begin the rapid transition to renewables and we have a plan to get it done.

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The Sustainable Hour on 22 March 2017:
Climate change means water change

Our guests in The Sustainable Hour on World Water Day on 22 March 2017 are: Ernesto Sanchez, worm farmer and permaculture enthusiast, Taryn Lane from Hepburn Wind who runs a community-funded hydro project, and Steve Posselt who is a water engineer and talks on “our waterways as sponges, not drains”.

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