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47 minutes ago

The Sustainable Hour

One Nobel Peace Prize winner says the world's youth has to play a bigger role in climate change. That's according to former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan... ... See MoreSee Less

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21 hours ago

The Sustainable Hour

In Denmark, 20 responsible municipalities have now divested. That is what this post says, in Danish language.

When will #GeelongCouncil wake up and realise that this is the ONLY responsible thing to do for a local government handling funds that belong to the community?

Melbourne and Sydney have divested. Hobart has divested. More than 30 Australian councils have divested. The Australian Capital Territory has divested.

NOT to divest is to expose ratepayers money to an unnecessary financial risk. What is it Geelong Council is waiting for?

Here is the list of Australian local governments that have divested so far:

Ballina Shire Council
Banyule City Council
Bass Coast Shire
Byron Shire Council
City of Albury
City of Armadale
City of Ballarat
City of Fremantle
City of Leichhardt
City of Lismore
City of Marrickville
City of Melbourne
City of Melville
City of Moreland
City of Newcastle
City of Stirling
City of Swan
City of Sydney
City of Vincent
City of Wodonga
Gloucester Shire Council
Macedon Ranges Shire Council
Mount Alexander Shire Council
Randwick City Council
Richmond Valley Council
Shire of Goomalling, Western Australia
Town of Bassendean
Town of East Fremantle

» More info: gofossilfree.org/not-a-penny-more

#Divestment #DivestGeelong

We are calling on you, #CoGG - Stephanie Asher - Councillor Sarah Mansfield - Jim Mason - Anthony Aitken - when will we see you take action on this?📣📣🇩🇰 HURRA!! VI ER GODT PÅ VEJ! 📣📣🇩🇰

I mandags blev Aalborg, Denmark ikke bare den 20. Kommune i Danmark, men også nummer 900 institution i verden til at droppe investeringer i kul, gas og olie! 🌏

Det er simpelthen så sejt! Lad os fortsætte det gode arbejde alle sammen 💪😁
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24 hours ago

The Sustainable Hour

“Mr Abbott said the Coalition's best and perhaps only chance of winning the election "is to say we’re scrapping the Paris deal" altogether, which commits Australia to reducing emissions by 26 per cent by 2030.

"Let Labor be the people who rabbit on about emissions and renewable power and saving the planet," he said.”

» The Sydney Morning Herald - 18 August 2018:
'No way to run a government': Abbott slams Turnbull's revised energy plan



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1 day ago

The Sustainable Hour

The renewable energy boom is bringing jobs, investment and other benefits to local communities around Australia. Check out our project showcase to see some of the ways that clean energy projects are improving the lives of regional Australians ow.ly/GP6v30lrhQX ... See MoreSee Less

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