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Fossil Fuel Free Future shared World Economic Forum's Global warming can be beaten thanks to this simple plan. ... See MoreSee Less

Good news: with this plan we can beat global warming. Read more: buff.ly/2p9miSd

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Fossil Fuel Free Future shared Friends of the Earth Australia's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Until the Turnbull govt commits to #StopAdani, how can we take its climate policy review seriously? TAKE ACTION: Call the Coaltion's bluff on climate > melbournefoe.org.au/call_the_coalitions_bluff_on_climate We have just ten days to send a strong message to the Coalition: We'll take policy reviews seriously when they take *climate change* seriously!

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The clock is ticking. At “two and a half minute to midnight” – meaning: to terminal disaster – here's a relevant presentation by professor Noam Chomsky.

In the one hour lecture, Chomsky talks about the “point of no return” which is not far off, according to Chomsky, and he examins “the course of the human experiment with global warming”.
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