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If you'd like to see Geelong transform into a green, liveable, modern city with separated bike paths for pollution-free, fat-burning active transport between home and work, school and shops – then NOW is the right time to tell your Councillors and city planners:

The public hearing closes on Friday 16 February
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» Download podcast audio: www.cpod.org.au/download.php?id=19042 » More info on www.climatesafety.info/thesustainablehour201 » New bike paths? Your say - before 16 Feb: geelongaustralia.com.au/news/item/8d5599a708a2a3b.aspx The Sustainable Hour: Taking it up a gear Our guest in The Sustainable Hour on 31 January 2018 is Barton van Laar from Bike Safe who shares his views on Geelong Council's public consultation about the establishment of two new $5 million bike paths through the city. We also talk with Luke Taylor, director of the month-long, national Sustainable Living Festival which starts in February with 'Reversing Climate Change' as its theme. » See videos and learn more on www.climatesafety.info/thesustainablehour201 » Share this image on Twitter: twitter.com/SustainableHour/status/959214202861780993 » Share this image on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com.au/pin/82824080631950443/ Time to get involved: What do you think about cycling and the plan to build two new separated bike paths in Geelong? Let Council know - have your say before 16 February 2018: geelongaustralia.com.au/news/item/8d5599a708a2a3b.aspx VIDEO: Barton van Laar: on bike path in business street www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4TpfF3NjKc “Research has shown that cyclists spend more than motorists, because they are more loyal to the shops.” “Council is becoming more strategic and is thinking ahead. Why should we be a poor cousin to any other city? We are the second largest city in Victoria, and why can't we have cyclists going through the city, going to work, to the schools, to the shops? I think it is the future for Geelong because we can't build enough car parks. We can't keep creating transport mechanisms just solely based on cars or trucks driving through places. You need to slow things down. You need to green the space. It's called active transport, and that is what makes all the difference, I think, in a modern society,” said Barton van Laar from Bike Safe when he was guest in The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse on 31 January 2018. VIDEO: Barton van Laar: on the role of bike paths in a modern society www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOU_YPJEdp8 Ping: The Bicycle Show on 94.7 The Pulse - Bicycle Centre Belmont - Bike Power - Bicycle Users Geelong - Bicycle Network - Cycling Without Age - Australia - Cycling Victoria - Geelong Advertiser - Geelong Indy - Geelong Sustainability - Stephanie Asher - Councillor Sarah Mansfield #CyclingGeelong #BikeSafety #RoadSafety #CityPlanning #LowCarbonLiving #FossilFuelFreeFuture #PeoplePower #BeADoer #SafeClimateFuture #ClimateSafety #ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction #Geelong #CoGG #GreaterGeelong #CityofGreaterGeelong #GeelongCouncil #CleverCreativeGeelong

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