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2 months ago

I like climate safety

In Denmark, an association which aims to become a new citizens movement, is preparing to buy up smaller farms on a co-op-basis and then convert the land to sustainable, climate-safe agriculture.

"We consider it a new type of childrens savings,” co-founder of the association Andelsgaarde told the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten:

"We can no longer sit with arms crossed and wait for politicians or a technological fix to solve the climate crisis. The association Andelsgaarde is a simple model for how we can collectively buy smaller farms and start cultivating the land in a sustainable manner. We do this to meet the growing climate and biodiversity crisis and to have healthy food in the future. The buildings are utilised in a new visionary way and future-proofed by renovating sustainably and covering them with ‘climate screens’.”

Andelsgaarde has had 900 members sign up in just four months.

The Danish Department for Agriculture & Food welcomes the initiative.

The word 'Andelsgaarde' means ‘Co-op farms’ or ‘Shared farms’

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4 months ago

I like climate safety

Last night we were proud to launch our new national project, Tipping Point! The climate has crossed a tipping point, but people power can tip it back!


Please help us spread the word!!
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